Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anistyn's Baby Blessing!!!

Anistyn Joan Larsen was blessed on Dec 11, 2011 she was 5 1/2 weeks old, this was a very special day for her, she looked so beautiful in her little white dress, her dad gave her the most precious blessing, it was just perfect!!! We had a great time with lots of family and friends came to join us!!!
Sweet as can be!!!
Anistyn and I
John and I with Anistyn!!!
G.G. Ras came up from St. George for the her special day it meant alot.
All of her Great Grandparents!!!!


Afterwards when it was all over and the other kids were in bed, John and I stayed up playing with little Anistyn!! Isn't she so stinken cute!!!

I never got to take a picture of every one so her are just random pics of every one eating dinner, thanks to every one for coming!!!
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Christmas Party and Ginger Bread houses!!!

My mom this year had a big Christmas party with her family, which she went all out made an amazing dinner, afterwards we all made ginger bread houses which the girls went crazy over!!
Cute little Anistyn and Aunt Affy together!!!

Little miss say say had the time of her life she went crazy over making her ginger bread house, I helped her ice it and then she went to town putting the rest of the candy on it her self!!! Crazy she is getting so big!!!

So proud, she was so careful when she was caring it!!

Afton and hunter making there houses!!!

Grandma and Makenna together, this year Makenna did hers all by her self!!!
So stinken cute!!!

While we were all there we took a picture of my Grandpa with all of his Great Grand kids and there is only one kid missing!!! Pretty cool!!!
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Cutting down our Christmas Tree!!!

This year our neighbors up the street called and invited us to go and cut down a Christmas tree with them, which I was way excited because I grew up doing this every year when I was a kid but haven't done it since then, well it turned out to be so much fun the girls loved it and for sure going to make it a new tradition!!!
Kenna ready to go and find us a Christmas tree!!

John and Makenna!!!

John checking the tree out and yes I think this is the one!!!

Family picture in front of our new Christmas Tree!!! Cute little Anistyn got left in the truck it was alittle to cold for her to be out in it!!!

Sayla having fun!!

Two girls!!!

Sayla and I!!!

John cutting the Christmas tree down, the girls were loven it!!!

Watching dad cut it down!!!
Makenna and Brinley our neighbors up the street have three little girls like we do, so it is alot of fun to hang out with them!!!

Our Christmas tree!!!!
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Anistyn 4 weeks old!!!

Crazy to think that 4 weeks has gone by well she is growing took her back in and she is now 7lbs 2 oz, she is doing better also she is not as fussy as she was!!! she is such a sweet little thing and I am so greatful for her!!!

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Christmas lights!!!

Every year we go with the Davis family to see the lights this year they did right after Thanksgiving which turned out great because everyone was able to go, of course the kids had a great time, we bundle up and stayed warm, Anistyn and dad stayed in the car where she was nice and warm while rest of us road on the wagon!!!

Thanks Grandma karen !!!!
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Anistyn 3 weeks old!!!

Anistyn is 3 weeks old, during this time was kinda hard, she wasn't eating very good and I didn't know what was going on, I took her to the doctor and she only weighed 6 lbs 9 oz, they told me she was a lazy eater and I needed to try to teach her how to be a better eater, which was really hard because I wasn't use to this!!! So we started working with her and she started doing better!!!

G.G came in town and finally got to hold and meet her for the first time!!!
One afternoon we got all together and took Grandpa and Grandma christmas card for them I thought it turned out way cute!!!

Grandpa and Anistyn hanging out!!!

She still loves her baths, she falls asleep every night while she getting one!!!

Sucking her thumb!!
She always having her hands around her face!!!

I got my toes done special for her but forgot to take a picture of them!!! better now than never!!!
Cute girls!!!

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