Friday, July 23, 2010

More Summer Fun!!!

We love to go to the H.E. Davis Ranch, This year we were way lucky Craig, John's dad invited my family to come up to the ranch and play. The Rasmussen's love the ranch, it is always a huge party with lots of great food and fun. Of course my mom made great food, My Aunt Janet was in town for it so she came and we all just hung out the entire day and swam and played in the water.

I just love the pics of sayla this is her new cheese face she shuts her eyes tilts her head when I say cheese!!! Of course she always finds a little chair to sit on. We were all just laughing at her. She is so stinken cute!!!
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Summer fun!!!

This year has been great at the H.E. Davis ranch. We have spent more time up there than we have in the past the girls love every thing about it from being in the water, jumping of the diving board to swinging and playing in the sand!!! We have had a great time taken lots of friends and family up there. So I have posted pics of different friends and family of when we have been up there. This pics were of friends from CVICU, Capri was leaving to go to North Carlina so we had to have a go away party for her. It was alot of fun hanging out with the girls and Makenna loves making new friends!!!
We had a neighbor hood get together with our friends. The kids loved it.

One Friday we just decided to go up to the ranch instead of going to the lake. Everyone came even my Aunt Debbie. We had fun floating around the lake and enjoying to being together. Makenna loves playing with her cousins Hunter and Hannah she was so excited to play with them.
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The last of the forth of July!!!

Every Forth of July we all head up to Mat and Katies to the Drive way of fire!!! The kids have a ton of fun lighting of fire works playing with there cousins!!! The girls this year loved the fire works Makenna and Sayla were not afraid of them at all. Sayla loved the sparkles she was going up to everyone showing them her sparklers she is so stinken cute!!!
Cute family Photos of us that night!!! I love Sayla's funny face she pulled!!!
All the kids that night were all having so much fun!!! There chairs were all layed out and they were all sitting in them so stinken cute !!!
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Forth of July fun!!!

Just chillen at the lake!!!
On the forth John and I went Horse back riding in the morning really early my mom watch the cute girls. (Thank you Mom) Then in the afternoon we went boating and it was so much fun. The kids are such water dogs and just love to go boating. They both enjoy tubing so much so off coarse we all have to ride together but it is so much fun!!!
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Start of the Fourth of July fun!!!

On the Saturday before the forth we were suppose to head to the lake but it was way windy but still really hot so we ended up just hanging out at home and playing in the back yard with the girls!!! I was inside cleaning when John came in and said you got to come and watch this. I headed out side to see what was going on and this is what I see john picking up the girls and chucking them down the slippen slide and they were loving every minute of it!! I though it was hilarious!!! Sayla was getting in line, she think she a little gown up now wanting to do anything and every thing it makes us laugh it is so much fun watching her grow up!!!
Off course Makenna is our little dare devil loves any action and everything!!! She was loving every moment of this. She is so stinken cute!!!
I love this picture because Makenna was begging John to get in the pool and so he did and I snapped a picture of them!!! He is such a good dad!!! I just love him so much!!! I think this pictures of sayla are so funny, this is her personality all the time such a happy little girl!!!

That night we had a BBQ with my friends it was so much fun we just hung out in the back yard and John barbecued hamburger's the kids played in the pool and ran around the back yard it was so nice just to hang out and get together!!!
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