Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sayla and her swimmen suite's

Well this started back in Febuary and I though it was just a faze that she would grow out of but she hasn't, this girl wakes up every single morning and she puts a swimmen suite on but that is just not it she spends the rest of the day putting on more and more and if I want to get her dressed there well always be a swimmen suite underneath her clothes, she spends the whole day telling me that she wants to go swimmen!!! She is such a funny little girl!!

Here we are switching the swimmen suites out!!!!

She also loves to read books specially in her swimmen suite!!!

Don't forget to put the goggles on!!! For alittle while she was going around with goggles on her head it was pretty funny!!!
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Wonderful Moment

While we were in St. George John and I and Grandma went and did a session at the St. George temple, it was amazing and it was really neat to be able to spend that time with my grandma!!! I am so thankful to have the wonderful moment with her!!! Thanks to Afton to watch my girls so we could go!!!
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St. George

Over the Sun Shine tournament we headed down to St. George to try to get some sunshine and to see G.G Ras, well we did not see any sun but got to spend alot of time with Grandma. On Saturday her little park was having a parade so we all headed down to watch it and to have so pop corn the kids had a great time. The kids walked down to the park with G.G. and I had to snap a picture of this!!

The girls and Grandma!!!

All of us together after the parade!!!

Grandma and Makenna!!! We had a great time down in St. George just next time it needs to nice and warm!!!
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The Greatest Grandma ever!!

I just have to write one little post about my mother, she is by far the best mom ever but most of all she is the greatest Grandma!! My mom helps be out ever single week and watches my kids for me while I go to work, she makes it so easy for me I don't have to worry while I am at work and she doesn't make me feel bad for leaving them!! Also my kids look forward to going to her house every single week she spends such good quality time with them. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful mother and such a great example to follow!!!
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The Living Plant Aquaruim

At the beginning of the month of march we all headed up to the Aquarium, Hunter had the day off of school and we were all so sick of being in side. The kids had a blast!!!

It was fun to watch Sayla because she has been before but she was little then and I don't think she remembered every thing she was running around going from fish to fish she was loven it and so was the rest of the kids seeing all the fished and frogs it was alot of fun!!!

The sting rays, we arrived right at the prefect time when they were getting ready to feed them, the sting rays were so active, Makenna was in heaven, I think if they would have let her she would have started swimming with them, she was going crazy trying to touch them even Sayla was really enjoying it!!!

By the end the kids had a great time!!!! All the kids with there penguins!!!
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