Friday, October 21, 2011

BBQ up Payson Canyon!!!

Conference Sunday we headed up payson Canyon and had a BBQ!!! It of course was a beautiful weekend and the leaves were changing and it was so nice to hang out and enjoy the beautiful mountains!!! We are so lucky to live less than 5 mins for this amazing canyon!!!
Cute girls waiting for there dinner to eat!!!

John BBQ it up!!!

Going for hike around Maple Lake!!!

So beautiful!!!

Cute Makenna!!!

Two little sisters that love each other!!

Sayla posing!!! Whats New!!!

I love this picture!!! Daddy and his little girls!!! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband!!!

How cute are they!!!

The last picture and the girls have to strike a pose!!! Such Cute Girls!!!

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The end of fall soccer

As you can tell Makenna had a great season, she scored a total of two goals and was amazing to watch it was so much fun to watch because she got more and more aggressive as the season went!!! Makenna was kicking all the boys butts, she did such a great Job!!!
Little soccer player!!!

She took the ball down the field all the time!!!

Here she goes!!!

I love seeing the coordination she has!!
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Payson Temple!!!

We are so very blessed to have a Temple getting built less than a block from our house so we thought it would be really neat to go and take before picture and after picture of the Temple!!! The best is the after picture well have one more member to the family since I am about 6 weeks to my due date!!!

I have to say how blessed we are and thankful I am for my cute little family!!!

My cute sister came and took the pics for us she it such a great sister!!!
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Favorite Place ever!!!

I always love going to Lake Powell but my favorite time of the year is defiantly the fall this year we headed down during the middle of September and it was beautiful, the weather was sometimes a little crazy but mostly it was wonderful the kids were amazing and the water was so warm!!! We had the best beach ever, the kids could just play and never have to worry about getting in stickers in there feet!!! Big bomb fires morning and night and we had a great time together!!! I just headed down with the girls John had to work so Me and the girls headed down with my parent and sister and had a great time!!!

Of course you can tell the kids spent most of the days playing in the sand and swimming, and going on lots of hikes we had some really cool rock formations right behind us that they like to hike on!!

Little miss Sayla playing in the sand!!!

Part of the funnest part of going to Lake Powell is the people you go with every year we get to go with the Bennet family and we have the time of our lives hanging out talking, Laughing and just enjoying each other!!! We absolutely love them to death, so here is a pic of all the Bennet girls and Afton and me.

Makenna playing with the Dalton, and Brin in the sand!!

These kids had the time of there lives tubing all of over Lake Powell that is one thing about going in the fall having the Lake to your self and it was glass for two days straight!!! These kids could not get enough of it!!! So stinken cute!!

I love this picture!!! The kids had so much fun!!

Makenna was so determined to water ski, it was so funny because she kept trying, she is such a little dare devil!!

As you can see she got up for just a second and them she would lean to her right side and fall over but it was a good start!!! She did really well and we were all so proud of her!!

Hanging out on the boat, Sayla loves to just hanging out and ride on the boat she is so happy just chillen!!!

So being 7 months pregnant it was hard to be in Lake Powell with glassy water and not being able to do much so it was fun to finally get out on the tube and go for a ride!!!!

Makenna and Sayla love going down the slide off the back of the house boat!! So we had so much fun playing off the back of the house boat!!!

Playing off the back of the house boat!!!

The girls had a great time playing in the sand and swimming, they have so much fun playing with all the kids!!!

Lots of fun pics!!!

The whole time we were there Makenna wanted to go and climb this rock mountain that was in the middle of the lake so we finally were able to go and climbed it and took some fun picture!!! we were only able to go for a couple days, but it turned out to be one of the funnest trips!!!

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Fast Trip to St.George

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Soccer

This year Makenna was an amazing soccer player!!! She did so well, as you can't tell she is very aggressive it was pretty fun to watch her get in there and fight for the ball, she is becoming more and more coordinated!!!

The two little cheerleader's Sayla and Rylee were pretty dang cute watching Makenna play soccer!!!

All the supporters that came to watch Makenna!!! She is so very lucky to have so many people come and watch her!!!

Few more pics of Makenna playing Soccer!!!

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