Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween and the Hoggle Zoo!!

Every year we like to head to Hoggle Zoo and go Trick or Treating, this year we were not able to go on Saturday but we still went and the kids loved it!!! Here we are in front of the Zoo!!!
The girls love there daddy, John is such a good dad!!! Here he is riding the merra-go-round with the girls!!! This is one of there favorite things to do!!
We had a great time at the Zoo!!!
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Trick or treating!!!

Girls getting ready to head out and go Trick or Treating, Makenna was so excited they both got there little buckets and ready to go!!!
They are so stinken cute!!!
Sayla was being so funny, she would not let any touch her bucket!!! She would say, "my bucket"
My little princes!!!
Right before we headed out to go trick or treating their was huge storm that past through and when it was done it left two beautiful rainbows!!! We were lucky it cleared up just in time to head out!!!
I love this picture, I took it as were just beginning to go trick or treating!!! I have to say I love that light bug!!! John was a good sport on wearing his outfit!!!
Makenna Trick or Treating
They were both loving it!!
This year was a great Halloween, the girls were amazing and we had a great time!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


This was the annual Rasmussen Halloween party!!! It was alot of fun everyone showed up in there fun and exciting costumes!!! This year Makenna wanted to be princes Tiana from princes and the frog, and I really like to do a family theme so I decided to make Sayla the frog and John the light bug and I was Grandma Oddie. I was a lot of fun!!! The kids had a great time and most of all John loved his costume!!! {Just kidding} Family pics of all of us together!!!

All of the Rasmussens on there Halloween costumes!!!
Group pics!!!
The Bennet family!!!
The two princess together!!! Tiana and Tinkerbell
My dad and mom this year were Superman and Wonder women!!! They took it all for the best costume!!
Sam and Ben with Makenna and Sayla!!!Afton was a fairy!!!
Cole was a yottle boy!!
This year Mat and Katie came and yes they all dressed up!!! We loved it!!
Here are some fun pics of the party we had a great time!!!

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Friends Halloween Party!!!

This year Friends Halloween Party was so much fun!!! It was adult only which was really nice to be able to sit around and have a conversation that is not interrupted every second!!! John and I were 70's people!!! We had a great time together!!
Our Halloween costume!!

John was so funny, He looked really good in the suite but the best part of it all was that he was wearing my black cowboy boots!!! It made the outfit and he was all about it!!! At the end of the night his feet were killing him!!!
The crew in there Halloween costumes!!! It was alot of fun!!!

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Halloween Pics!!!

Every year I get the kids Halloween pictures taken, well this year they turned out so stinken cute!! Makenna was princes Tiana and Sayla was the Frog this year for Halloween!!! Makenna loved her outfit she thought it was so pretty and Sayla didn't really care what she was as long as she had something on!!! The week before Halloween we went and got there pics taken at Portrait Innovations!! The kids were so good this time it made it so nice. There are alot of pictures of them but it was way to hard to choose!!! Enjoy!!!