Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big Girl Bed!!!

Yes it finally happened!!! Sayla is in a big girl bed, this was a sad day when Sayla started climbing out of her crib at first I just did not want to believe she was able to get out but it was true she was climbing out!!! So we moved her into her bed where she shares with Makenna. This was her first night and she was so excited to sleep in such a big bed, she got out a couple time that night but did well after that!!! The girls are so stinken cute and really enjoyed sharing a room together!!!

Sayla is such a funny girl!!!

This girl keeps us laughing!!!

So stinken funny!!!

One night as we are ready to go to bed Sayla got into the closet where the summer stuff was, where their are goggles and the life jackets and started pulling them out and putting them on!!! The funny thing is that this was the beginning of the never ending where she started telling me every single day I want to go swimming and put my swimmen suite on and where are my goggles mom!!!! Then she had to put a hat and scarf and gloves on to!!! John and I were just sitting there laughing!!! She had the funnest little personality!!!

Sayla has been saying the funnest stuff lately!!! here are some of them, "Just one more" then she holds up her finger!!! "Last one I promise", "Just a little bit"!!!