Friday, December 3, 2010

Sunday Afternoon!!!

This last Sunday we woke up and there was more snow, Makenna was so excited We told her when she got home from church that we would go out and build a snow man!!! Well that did not happened, the snow was not right, it was just powder we could not make a snow ball. So instead we made snow angles, and through snow balls and ate lots of snow!!!
John and Makenna making snow angels!!!

Makenna could not get enough of the snow!!!
Watch out!!! John kept hitting us with snowball!!!
We had this little snow man kit to make a snow man, Makenna took the scarf and hat out and wanted to wear it!!
She kept making snow angels!!! Makenna could not get enough of the snow!!!
She was so happy!!!
Snow Angels!!!
Eating more snow!!!
More snow!!
Getting ready to make a snow angel!!!

We had so much fun playing in the snow!!!

Christmas Dresses

The girls looked so stinken cute in their new Christmas Dresses I had to get a picture of them, Sayla was struggling and was not very happy, she would not let Makenna get by her to take a picture so they are separate pics of them.
Of course Makenna is striking a pose with her dress she is so good to let me take pics any time!!!
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Christmas Pajamas!!!

Day after Thanks giving the girls opened their Christmas Pajamas and were so happy!!! They are so funny this year Christmas is going to be amazing!!! Makenna begged us to put up our Christmas tree, so the Monday before Thanks Giving we put it up and Makenna was in heaven. Makenne was a huge helper, Sayla was just coping what ever Makenna was doing!!!
Here are the girls in there Christmas Pajamas in front of our Christmas Tree!! Sayla can say "Christmas Tree" so good, it is so cute!!!
They are such could little friends, I am so grateful I have two girls together. It makes it so nice and they are such good friends!!

This is our Christmas tree!! I think it turned out pretty dang good this year!!!
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Thanks Giving

Sayla loves her Grandpa!! There is such a special bond between these too!!! She loves to be held and loved by him. She is always wanting to know where he is at all the time.

Thanks Giving this year was wonderful!! We had it with my family at my mom and dads house the food of course was amazing, my mom made my favorite pie and we ate a ton of food. It was so nice to just to hang out and not have to go any where but just one place!!!

After we got done eating Cole had a fun game for all of us to play!! It turned out to be alot of fun and everyone ended up playing!!

I of course I didn't get pics of how cute my little girls looked on Thanksgiving so this is the close I got of Makenna !!!

Makenna and Hannah love there niece Emma so much they both just take turns holding her!!

Some how every time Chance ends up on the floor wrestling with the kids!!! The kids love their uncle FOO FOO!! If you look close Makenna is going in for the kill!! You go girl!!

They all team up and try to get him!! They do a pretty dang good job!!

Look how stinken cute Hawken and Emma are!!!

He is so stinken cute!! He such a good little baby!!! He is 3 months old time flies!!!

Camp out in the living room!!!

John in the best dad ever!!! I took a girls trip for the weekend John stayed home and hung out with the girls. They had so much fun with him!!! I would call and they were just enjoying there daddy time!!! So for two nights in a row John slept on the living room floor in a tent pretending to have a camp out. The girls were in heaven!!!
Sayla already to go to sleep with her pillow pet!!!
These girls are so stinken cute!!!
Sayla and Makenna
Makenna always striking a pose!!!
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dodge Ball!!!!

This year John played in a Dodge ball competition in Spanish Fork!! My little brother put a team together with a bunch of his high school friends and asked John to play on it. At first John did not want to play but then was so glad he did. John had a great time and hopes to play again next year!!!
John getting ready to play!!!
John was pretty dang good, he got lots of people out!!!
John throwing the ball!!
The supporters!!! They were loving it!!! Makenna and Sayla were yelling for there dad!!!
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Snow is finally here!!!

The day before Thanks Giving John ended up coming home early, Girls and I were so excited, we were lucky because the night before it finally snow, enough to be able to go sleigh riding so I got the girls all dressed up in there snow outfits and were ready to head up and have some fun!!!
They were loving it, they looked so stinken cute in there snow outfits together!!

Makenna loves to eat the snow!!! She just could not get enough of it!!!
Sayla was trying to figure out how to move in her snow outfit!!!
Makenna making her snow angle!!!
So we headed up to Grandpa Craig's to go sleigh riding and the girls were loving it!!! John and Makenna coming down the hill, Makenna was having so much fun, she didn't even care that her face was covered in snow!!!
John and Makenna!!!
Sayla loves to ride the four wheeler specially with her dad!!
Makenna could not get enough she kept going up and down over and over, Of course she said "this is the best day ever", I love this girl!!!
John would pull the girls behind the four wheeler and they just loved it!!!
we sent Sayla down the hill all by her self and she loved it but her hat was covering part of her face!!! She is such a good sport!!!
Sayla and her mom!!! She was loving going down the hill!!!
She is so stinken cute!!!
Makennna and me, I love that this girls is always up for having fun, we have way to much fun together. She was having the time of her life sleigh riding.
John and his girls!!!
She is so stinken cute!!!
by the end it was way cold but Makenna was still going at it!!!
The girls getting pulled behind the four wheeler!!!

She was in heaven!!!
My beautiful little girls!!!

She made it all the way to the end of the fence!!!
We had way to much fun sleigh riding, the girls were great and alot of fun. It is amazing how much funner sleigh riding is with kids. I just absolutely love it.

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