Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In the end of April and the beginning of May, John and I took a Vacation and went to Cancoon with a group of friends it was so much fun we had the best time ever just hanging out by the pool and drinking pinacloda's all day long it was a nice break from the really world!!! This is all of us right before we went to dinner that night!!! We stayed in a nice resort that had different restaurants to go eat at every night!!! They all turned out to be pretty good!!!!!

John and I at dinner the first night!!

Everyday we had a fun decoration on the bed!!

John and I

Kellie, Shannon and I riding the bull!!!

The boys hanging out at the pool!!

One of the days we headed down to play-de-carma and walked around the streets and then went to the beach it as alot of fun the beached there were way pretty!!

Us girls having fun after dinner!!!

One of the days we took a long walk down the beach it was so much and beautiful!!!

John and I playing in the ocean!!

We found a big lizard we was pretty cool!!!

We had a such a great time together as friends I am so grateful to have such good friends!!

Us girls drinking our strawberry dacuries!!!

It was so much fun because most of the chairs were in the water so it was so nice to lay out and cool off!!

On the last day the boys had a good game of basketball!!! We had a great time!!!