Thursday, December 23, 2010

The BIGGEST snowman ever!!!

Last Saturday we woke up to alot of snow and it was wet snow perfect for the snowman making. So we got the girls all dressed up and headed out the door. Well lets just say after just rolling it only a few time the snowman grew really fast and next thing we knew it was taking like three of us to roll it!!!
Girls chillen on the bottom half of the snowman's they were having so much fun playing in the snow!!!
John and the girls posing in front of snowman's. John was pretty dang proud of the snowman's, everyone in the neighborhood were coming over to see how big they were!!!
Family picture with Oak, by the end of making them it started to rain!!!
Aunt Affy and Makenna in front of snowman. The sad part of this all is that it rained the next day and they completely melted almost to nothing!!!
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Ginger Bread House!!

These girls are the luckiest little girls ever because they have the best Aunt Affy. Aunt Affy came last Friday to watch the girls for us so John and I could go out too dinner and go shopping for John's birthday!!! It was so nice to go and be with John and to enjoy are self out on the town, knowing that the girls were having so much fun. When we came home they had made a Ginger Bread House, ate pizza watched movies and had so much fun!!! Thanks Aunt affy!!!
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Well yes we have some snow and the kids were so excited to play in it again!!! Here are the girls just chillen in the snow and of course eating lots of snow!!!
Cute girls!!!

She is so funny she loves to eat the snow!!!!!
Makenna hanging out in the snow!!!!
Well we finally were able to build a snow man!!! Makenna and I have been waiting all year for the right snow to build a snow man. Makenna was so proud of the little guy!!!
Mr. Snowman
Makenna giving Mr. Snowman a hug, she was so happy!!
Look at her smile!!! she is so stinken cute!!!

Christmas Tree's!!!

Couple of us girls got together and had a little play group with our kids!! Jessica had a great Idea instead of decorating cookies let decorate ice cream cones like they are Christmas tree's, the kiddos love it they had so much fun decorating there tree and eating all of the candy!!!

Makenna with her finished tree!!! She was way proud of it!!!
Some of the kids hanging playing after they were done with there tree's!!
Sayla of course was having way to much fun playing with the other kids to make a tree!!!
All of the tree's!!! They turned out so stinken cute!!
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I love this Women

On Sunday my mom had a big get together with some my cousins that came into town, lucky on the way up here they picked up Grandma from St. George and brought her home for a couple days. It was so nice to be able to see her and to wish her a Merry Christmas!!!
G.G. Ras and Makenna!!! I am so grateful my grandma loves kids!! She always giving them such big hugs and wanting to know how they are doing!! Makenna loves her G.G.!!!
G.G. and the girls!!!
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Horse Backriding!!!

Dustin and Mary came into town from Denver for Grandma Davis Funeral!!! Every time they come Abby there Daughter wants to ride a horse. So on Saturday we all met down in Leland and John and I saddle a couple horses and all the kids were able to ride a horse. We ended up being down there for 2 hours giving kids ride they absolutely loved it!!!

Abby and Makenna riding together on the horse!!! Abby was in heaven!!!
Here is all of Dustin's girls on the horses!!! Abby, Ella and Cassie!!!
Grandma and Grandpa Larsen live right there so they came over with lot of treats and handed them out to all the kids!!! The kids loved the treats!!!
Sayla with her twinkie!!
G.G. Larsen with Makenna!!!
G.G. Larsen hugging Sayla!!!
G.G. Larsen and Sayla and Grandpa hanging out!!!
Sam and Makenna riding the horse together!!! Are they not the cutes cousins. They have so much fun together!!!
We had a great time in Leland being together and riding the horses here are some random pics of every one!!!

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Every year we head to the mall to go see Santa Clause!!! Makenna has been asking for a long time to go see him, so we finally loaded up and headed over to the Mall!! The girls were so excited Sayla the whole time on the the way over she kept saying "Santa Clause, HO HO HO" then she would grab her belly and shake it!!! John and I would just laugh.
This is the girls waiting in line to see Santa they were so excited, Sayla kept trying to run up to see santa and cute Makenna would go and get her!!! She is such a good big sister!!!
Makenna and Sayla sitting on his lap. We were worried that Sayla would be scared!! Well lets just say she was so happy and cute!!! They both just got right up on his lap and talked to him and told him what they wanted, it was really fun!!!
Santa and my cute girls!!!
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Family Pics!!

We finally got some family pics!!! We took them at my Grandma's house in front of the old barn some of the pics turned out pretty dang cute!!!
Our little Family!!!
My cute girls!!!
She is so Beautiful!!! She is always putting her hands on her hips and posing!!!
My little sassy Sayla!!!
Makenna is the best sister!!! They are the best of friends!!
I really loves this picture but it didn't turn out as good with the lighting!!!
Sayla always sucking her thumb!!!
She is always telling me to "Hold me mom" she is so stinken cute!!
Here is the whole family picture of us!!! So stinken cute!!!

Shhh!!! Don't let dad know!!!

Last week I head into my bedroom and I find Makenna in My bed with the cat, well let me tell you that this not a indoor cat this is an outdoor cat "Poof Ball," We love this cat to death but if dad knew that the cat was in his bed he would flip out!! I thought it was so cute I just let her finish watching her movie with the cat in my bed. Makenna and I decided we probably shouldn't tell dad!!!
Poof Ball and Makenna
This is the best cat and the girls just love her!!!
Pretty dang cute!!!
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