Friday, October 14, 2011

Onion Days Parade!!!

Onions Day Parade this is Makenna second time being in the Parade!!! She has loved it she did a great job cheering !!!

She is such a cute little cheerleader!!!

The supporter waiting to see Kenna in the parade!!! She is so lucky to have such great family!!!

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Labor Day Weekend!!!

Labor Day weekend we all headed up to Scolfield to the cabin and spent the weekend up there it ended up being great weather and kids love playing with there cousins!!! On Saturday afternoon Uncle Cole got this great Idea to head down to the lake and take the kids Crawdad fishing, like we use to do when we were kids so we all loaded up and headed down to the lake and ended up having the time of our lives catching crawdads!!!
Grandma and Makenna were getting right into it right off the bat!!!

Makenna loved to touch them and Carrie them for everyone!!!

As you can see no fear!!! Makenna was loving it!! The best thing was as soon as we but the bait in the water we would have one on it that fast so the kids were going crazy!!

The best grandma ever!!! She is defiantly one of a kind!!!

Makenna and Hannah, these girls are the best of friends!! I love watching them play together!!!At the end of the night we had catched a total of 35 crawdads, we had a great time. All Makenna is talking about is when we are going to go again!!! She is hooked on crawdad fishing!!!

Fun pictures of everyone catching crawdads!!!

More pics!!!

So this girl makes me laugh so hard, if you can't tell by the pictures but she is hilarious, she had to wear her Dora pajamas with her cowboy boots and then when we were hiking down to the doc she found this stick and spent most of the time marching up and down the doc checking out the crawdads in the bucket!!! Then when I want to take picture of her she just starts making faces and striking poses!!! I just love her so stinken much!!!

At the end of then night we headed back to cabin and boiled all of them in a big old Jumblie dish that Laura Cole's girl friend had made up, (she is from Louisiana) it turned out to be pretty dang good the kids and adults ate every single one nothing went to waste!!! What a good time!!

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Makenna cheerleading!!!

Yes we have a dang cute cheerleader in our house!!! Every year the Payson High School cheerleaders put on a cheer camp for one week and then they get to cheer and perform at the High School Football game and then be in the Onion Days parade which is payson parade. Makenna did this last year and loved it talked about doing again all summer well it is time and she is ready to cheer. Makenna did such a great job and loved every minute of it!!!

Sitting on the bleachers cheerleading!!! So stinken cute!!

Head out on the track to go start cheering!!! They are able to cheer for one Quarter of the football game!!

She was a natural at it!!!

Makenna's favorite cheer was "Rowdie let get Rowdie" she would get all into it!!! It as pretty dang cute!!!

Love the kick!!!

Little miss Sayla just sat there and watched her sister perform!!! But if there was any music turned on and then she would just start dancing and would not stop every one around us was laughing at her!!! Always the center of attention!!

Then at half time they are able to perform a dance they have learned, Makenna new the whole thing and did really well, she sure can shake it!!!

Before we left the house I wanted to get some pictures of Makenna in her cheer outfit and she was so funny she striked all of these poses on her own and she was working the camera, she is so funny!!! She is such a beautiful little girl!!!

Whole bunch of pictures of her cheering!!!

More pictures of her performing her half time dance!!!

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Sayla starts Dancing

Yes Miss little Sayla started DANCE, She has been waiting for this day for a very long time, She has been watching her big sister dance for so long now it is finally her turn, She did so very well and was so excited if you can't tell!!! She has been wearing her dance cloths for a good week before it was time to go, and Makenna takes dance on Monday and Sayla takes and Tuesday so when I took Makenna that following Monday she thought it was her turn and just cried and cried, when it wasn't her turn. She is stinken funny!!!

Yes we are here and she can barely wait!!!

Walking in to her class!!!

My little dancing Queen!!!

They had the cutest dancing doll there that they let her play with she thought she was so cool!!!

As you can see she was so much fun to watch, she followed along and did every little thing the teacher said, the best part is she is the smallest one in there but does so well!!! She loves every minute of it!!!

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Makenna starts Kindergarden!!

Yes my little girl is going to kinder garden, she has been so excited to go she has been talking about it for weeks and the day has come, Of course she picked out the outfit she wanted to wear and was already that morning!!!
Makenna in front of her school!!! She looks so big all grown up with her back pack and every thing!!!

Makenna and her teacher Mrs. Mcfarlen, Makenna really likes her and I have enjoyed her being Makenna's teacher!!

She of course went and hung up her back pack and was ready to go!!! She came home that day and loved every minute of school so far she has loved it and is learning so much, her favorite things is going to book computer lab, art room!!! I went to parent teacher conference and Mrs. Mcfarlen said she is doing great. Makenna gets to ride the bus to school and loves it. If I have to pick her up or we miss the bus it is like punishment to her, but it is so crazy to see her get off the big yellow bus!!!

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Ranch Time!!!

By far one of our favorite places is hanging out at the ranch, it so nice and peaceful up there we have such a great time, so at the ended of the month of August we invited the Bennet family to come and spend the day hanging out and swimming and have a big barbecue it turned out to be so nice the kids had a great time!! We love to spend time with the Bennet family it always turns out to be such a great time!!

Cole bear brought up all of his scuba gear and took every one diving, they all loved it!!! If you can tell Makenna is getting so big she now just takes off in the kayak's and maneuvers around the pond!!!
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She is growing up way to fast!!!

Yes little Miss Sayla is riding a bike, This girl is growing up way to fast, She thinks she needs to be like her big sister since her big sister rides a bike so can she, so John got out Makenna's old bike and out training wheels on it, we didn't think her feet would reach the pedals but with the right shoes they sure do and next minute she took off down the road it was funny John took off after her on Makenna's scooter!!!

All she wants to do is ride her bike every day!!!

John and Sayla!!!
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Girl Time!!!

I am so lucky to be able to have such cute little girls!!! They are so much fun to have and they play so well together. Here are just some random pics that I took of them together, they are always playing together. They play so well, they spend most of their time painting finger nails and toe nails and playing house and school just what ever but they are just best buddies!!!
Makenna painting Sayla toe nails but the best part about it is that she is really pretty dang good at painting toe nails of course Sayla sits there just perfect for her, Sayla loves her toe nails painted!!!

I love the faces Sayla is pulling!!!

Girls playing house in the back yard!!!

Having girl time!!
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