Friday, March 4, 2011

Making Valentine Harts!!!

For family night we decided to make valentine harts and put them in hour window!!! The girls were way excited, Makenna and sayla went to town decorating there harts!!! They both did such great job!!!
Sayla with her hart!!
This is the finishing product!!! If you look close you can see the one John made!!! He thinks he is so funny!!
The girls with there heart!!!
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Going to School!!!

Well Makenna is defiantly her own person, Lately she has been into dressing her self, she has been doing a pretty dang good job, so when she came out of her room dressed with jelly shoes, hat and scarf I had to take a picture before she went to school because she looked so stinken cute!!
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Sleigh Riding

In the last part of January we head up to the ranch and went sleigh riding, of course the kids were in heaven having way to much fun, Sayla favorite part of sleigh riding is sitting in front of Grandpa and riding the four wheeler!!!

Lets just say that we flew down the hill!!! I want lie I was alittle scared!!!
Makenna is in front loving every moment of it!!!
Sayla is just sitting back and chillen!!!
The kids had a great time!!!
She always posing for the camera!!!
So Cute!!!
Here are couple more pics!!! We had a great time and enjoyed being together!!! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taken us!!!

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Potty Training!!!

Yes we are officially POTTY TRAINED!!!!!! The third week in January we took the time off and did nothing but hang out at home and worked on potty training it went really well, by the first day she had the "pee pee" down the other one took a couple days !! By the end of the week she was doing really well!!! The best part about it is she stays dry at night and during her naps!!! defiantly no diapers any more for me!!!
Sayla plays house and she puts her babies on the toilet and tells them to go pee pee, it is so funny!!! She is defiantly alittle mom!!!
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St. George

In January we went to St. George with John's family it was a great trip, thankfully the weather was great, the kids were in heaven playing out side, and we were able to do a couple great hikes!!! We arrived there on Friday and of course we went straight to the pool where the kids swam a ton. Then next day we got up and headed of to Zions National Park which I haven't been there in along time so it was nice to go and see how beautiful it was. Since it has been such a wet winter alot of the hikes were covered in snow so we decided to the lower Imper pools, "sorry I don't know how to spell it", it was a nice day the kids were so excited!!!

The kids ready for the hike!!!

Little family pic!!!
Grandpa helping Makenna!!!
After we made the corner and headed back into the mountain where there the sun does not hit the trail was covered in snow!!
Makenna and Mom!!
She is such a big girl!!
This is far as you could go but it was amazing, the icesickles were every where, it was beautiful!!!
The water fall was still coming which made this neat mountains of ice and snow!!! There were alot of people there taking pictures!!!
Makenna and I
After we got done with the hike we headed down and let the kids play by the river!! Sam and Makenna are such cute kids they play so well together!!!
Sayla was having so much fun digging in the dirt!!!
The boys hanging out!!!
The girls!!!
John and his little girl!!!
Of course after we got back form the Zions we hit the pool, Sayla is so funny!!! I just love this picture because this is her!!!
The boys hanging out in the hot tub!!!
Makenna swimming!!!
Sayla playing!!
Makenna and Sam playing in the pool together!!
On Sunday on the way home we stopped at this cool hike in Leeds!!! Which I loved, the weather was just right and the kids were loven it!!! I love this picture look at Makenna posing, she is so funny!!!
The kids were having fun climbing and finding cool places to take a picture!!! What cute kids!!!
Here they are climbing on the rocks!!!
Family photo!!! I was so amazed because it was so beautiful!!
There was this pretty river that ran down the bottom of the canyon!!
Makenna posing on the rock!!!
At the end of the hike there was this cool pool of water between the rocks it was so pretty!!
Family photo in front of the pool!!!
We all climbed up there and checked it out!!
Sayla gathering rocks
Family photo again!! What a cute family!!Grandma and Grandpa came at the end!!!
Tired little girl!!!
Dad and Makenna!!
Of course went and spent some time with G.G. Ras, the kids had a great time hanging out!!

Here are more pics from Zion!!
Here are more pics from Leeds Hike!!! We had such a great time!!!

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