Friday, February 17, 2012

Smilie girl

Anistyn is the most sweetest little baby, she is now getting chubby and starting to smile so much, She is now almost 2 months old in these pictures, she is doing so much better on her sleep,she started to sleep like 6-8 hours straight through the night, taking naps in the day and still loves to be held by her mom!!!

So stinken cute!!!

Happy girl!!!
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Sleepy Girl

Sayla is so very sweet with her baby sister and is always wanting to help me with her. So one day she wanted to hold Anistyn really bad while she was watching some TV in the bedroom, so I of course let her and alittle bit later I went to go and check on her and Sayla was passed out and cute Annie was just laying there wide awake. Such cute little girls!!!
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Christmas Day at Grandpa and Grandpa Larsens

For the past 10 years we always head up to Craig and Karen's on Christmas day. So this year we headed up there around 2:00 to hang out and girls to play with there cousins and to celebrate Christmas with every one!!!
Ben checking out Makenna new Leap pad!!!

Sayla striking a pose!!!
Makenna showing what She got from Grandma and Grandpa Larsen for Christmas!!!

Sayla opening her Christmas gift from Grandpa and Grandpa!!!

All the Grandkids on Grandma and Grandpa lap Christmas day!!! Of course we had a great day hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma. We had a such a wonderful Christmas day and night.
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Christmas Morning

Christmas this year was so very perfect, the girls are at such a wonderful age, they were so excited for Santa clause to come. It was fun this year because we just got our basement finished in November and were able to but up a Christmas tree down stairs and celebrate Christmas.
Of course I like to take pics of everything.

Makenna this year was so funny about Santa Clause, she felt bad for Santa because he does not get a present so she layed out a present next to his cookies, with a note and a picture of her and her sisters. I thought it was so cute!!! She is such a sweetie, she was lucky because Santa left her a note back, thanking her for the present and the picture, she thought it was pretty cool!!!

Here is her note that she wrote all by her self, so stinken cute!!!
This is what was inside the present, colored pictures that she had done for Santa!!!

Every one's Christmas is all laid out!!! All ready for the morning!!!

This year we had to wake up the girls at 8:00 in the morning. Here they are all excited at the bottom of the stairs can't wait to see what Santa Clause had brought them.

What did they get?

The excitement of Christmas Morning!!!

Sayla checking out what she got for Christmas, this year Sayla wanted and Happy Napper and was way excited to see that she got it, also she wanted a computer, and baby, which this year she was such a good little girl and got spoiled by Santa!!!

Makenna of course wanted a Happy Napper too, what she was in love with but also got a Leap pad. She was shocked because she didn't think she was going to get it!!!

Sayla loving her Computer!!!

Makenna just looking at all of her stuff!!!

Sayla playing with her baby!!!

Little Annie just hanging out for her first Christmas morning!!

Makenna this year made me this precious hand ornament, I have to say that I love getting this special gifts from her there is nothing better. I loved it!!

Girls spent the rest of the morning opening presents, emptying there stocking and just enjoying hanging out and playing together!!!

I have to say that this year Christmas was alot more low key with having a new little baby, it was so nice not haven't to work and run from Christmas party and do all the run around. I just really enjoyed spending time with my girls and just being home with them. We had such a wonderful Christmas morning!!!
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