Thursday, October 22, 2009

Family pictures with John's family

Family pictures with John's family, I though they turned out good, the leaves were beautiful at the ranch.
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Deer hunt

Me and my little Bucky!!!
John getting a pic with Bucky!!!
Hunter was so excited, We had a lot of fun on the deer hunt this year, opening morning we were heading up and ran into this little buck, John told me to shoot it so I did it took a couple of shot to kill it but the meat was OK.
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Elk hunt

Grandpa hanging out and watching for Elk.
Uncle Cole and Hunter!
Dad and I watching for elk.
Cole, Brigg and Hunter built a fire when it got cold we all layed down and took and nap by it when I woke up I though it was pretty dang cute that Hunter fell asleep on Cole. We had a great time on the elk hunt we saw lots of elk and enjoyed being in the mountains.
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Salya is finally crawling

Yes I can do it!
Look at me I can crawl!!!
Maybe I don't want to!!!
I can do it!!! I can do it!! Well finally Say Say is crawling.
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There are a ton of baby animals every were but our favorite was the baby elephant she is so stinken cute and so playful she was so much fun to just watch.
We love the Hoggle Zoo, Makenna had so much fun going and playing at with Olivia and Rider the kids had alot of fun and it was a nice day the weather was great.
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Makenna's first preschool trip!

Here are all the kids in Makenna's preschool class, they are all sitting in front of the big red barn!!!
Here are some of Makenna friends!!!
Miss Amy with all of her kids getting ready to ride the wagon, they were all so excited.
Makenna with her little pumpkin she picked, she looked very hard and long to find this one!! Makenna had a lot of fun on her first field trip.
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Sayla hair is in piggie Tails

She is by far the cuties thing I have ever seen!!!
Look at my cute hair, and you can see my teeth!!!
I love my G.G. Ras.
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Grandpa got a Puppy

This is duke attacking Sayla, the funny thing is she just laugh and loved every minute of it!!!
Makenna loves duke so much, she could not get enough of him, she went with grandma to go and pick it up and the whole time in the car it had to be with her!!

little family love!!
Makenna had to much fun dressing him up in clothes and playing house with it!!
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Playing with friends at the park

Makenna loves playing with Olivia
Rider is the cutest kid!
Makenna and Olivia were doing the spider! They were having a lot of fun together
Are little Salya just sitting on the grass playing with toys, enjoying being outside!!!
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Last day Swimming at the Ranch

This is the last day we went swimming at the ranch it was the end of September but it was still 80 degrees outside so Grandma Karen called and said lets go play at the Ranch Makenna and I went swimming it was alittle cold but we had fun jumping in and then getting right back out. Say Say just sat on Grandma Karen's lap and enjoyed being held!
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Say Say's Nine month check up

Well Say Say is doing very well she is growing like crazy, she is now officially weighs 20lbs, We are so happy, it took her alittle bit longer to reach the big 20lbs but she is finally there. Say Say is the best girl ever when they gave her, her shots she did not even cry. Of course Aunt Affy was there to help mom out with the kids, they all was love to see Aunt Affy.
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Night on the town with Grandma

We all decided for grandma's birthday that we would take her out for a night and go have fun with her. First things first we gave her a manicure then we went to dinner were they sang happy birthday to her and then we went to a movie, we had alot of fun and enjoys spending any time we get with grandma Ras. We would never be able to do this if is wasn't for Grandma and Grandpa watching are kids thank you MOM and DAD.
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