Friday, July 24, 2009


Sorry I have so many pics so here are some more!!! We had the time of our life there, and the kiddos were great!!!

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Lake Powell

Here are lots of pics of everyone in Lake Powell, it was one of the best trips ever!!! We had a great Beach, great weather, and great company!!!
This was Sayla's first time to Powell, lets just say she was amazing, she did so well, she loved to sit in the dirt and play, she loves the water. Riding in the boat puts her to sleep. It was so much fun having her there!!!
Makenna had the time of her life Lake Powell, she played and played and played, she tubed and swimmed all the time. while we were there she said "mom I want to live here"! it was pretty dang funny!!

This is all of us at church in Ti capo!! This kids had so much fun!!!
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This is our amazing pool in our back yard. This is are little family just chillen in our back yard hanging out in the pool. "By far best purchase of the summer", the girls love swimming!!!
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Sayla's Six month check up!!

Here are some pics of Sayla at her 6 month check up. She weighed 18lbs and 1oz, we are so grateful for Dr. Whiting. Also we are so blessed to have our Aunt Affy there to help us!!! Sayla is doing great and growing like crazy!!
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Fourth of July

The we had a great forth of July together as a family, it all started off with going to the Ranch for lunch and swimming and fishing hanging out and enjoying each other. Makenna loves the Ranch!!! Then that night John took the kids to Mat house for the "drive way of fire". The kids had a great time.
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