Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Makenna's Preschool Graduation!!!

This is Makenna last year of preschool and she has loved every minute of it, she has loved going to school!! The little boy next to her is Zane and he is Makenna good little friend they have a great time together and have gone to preschool for two years together!!!

This is Miss Amy, Makenna's preschool teacher she has been wonderful I am so grateful for her she has taught Makenna so much!!

This is Miss Bottely and she brings in all of these exotic animals. This is by far Makenna favorite part of preschool she loves all of the animals and anything else she brings in!!

Makenna had the letter B she said a cute little rhyme and did really well at it!!!

Makenna walking across getting her hat and diploma!!

She is so stinken cute!!

All of the little graduate's together!!

Miss Amy had them do full size pictures of them self and what they wanted to be!!! Of course she but a cute princes crown on top of it. It was pretty dang cute!!!

After is was all over of course Makenna had to go and hold the snake she just loves it!!

No fear!!!

Family photo with the little Graduate!!!

Makenna is so lucky to be able to have all of her Grandparents come and support her and also her Uncle Cole and Aunt Affy!!! We had a great time Makenna is a very special little girl!!!

Swazye Mountains

This year we ended up going to the swazye mountains to go and look at wild horses!!! This has become one of the girls favorite things to do, we were able to go last year and now we have been able to go this year!! We go and camp for three days and the kids have so much fun exploring, riding horses and four wheelers shooting the guns and just playing in the dirt!!! We are so lucky to have two little cowgirls because they are defiantly becoming to be one!! They both love to ride!!!

The girls and I getting ready to head out for a night ride!!! The weather ended up turning out OK we were really worried but it was nice!!

John and Makenna and Mom heading out!!

Sayla ended up just loving to ride the horse she would go for hours if we would let her!!!

Karen and Craig ended up coming this year with us and brought there four wheelers it was so nice because the kids just went crazy riding them all the time and when the boys were gone during the day we had something to do!! At the bottom of the picture Grandpa Craig took Sayla for a ride and she came back sound asleep, she is such a funny little girl!!

Every one had such a great time, here are just a whole bunch of pics of all of us having a great time!!!

We love to shoot guns when we head out and go camping so of course the girls are now getting into it they had a great time shooting the guns, and so did every one else!!!

We had such a great time this year, hopefully this well become a tradition that we go every year, the kids and all of us had a great time!!!

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