Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Eve Day Sliegh Riding!!!

This year Chirstmas Eve was amazing it all started out with sliegh riding at Grandpa and Grandma Larsen's house around noon. This has turned out to become one of the funnist traditions, Johns family does it every year and now it is so nice because this year my family came and brought the snow moblies and every one had so much specially the girls!!!
We got there early so it was just the girls. So Grandma Karen started taking them around the field behind the fourwheeler on the sled and they were loving it!!!

Of course Sayla had to be with Grandpa on the four wheeler!!
Sayla waiting to take a ride!!!
The girls together!!! I just have to say that I love this girls they are so stinken cute and our just best friend. It is so nice having two little girls together!!!
Grandma taken them for a ride!!! Poor Grandma had to keep giving them rides they did not want to get off!!!
Grandpa and Sayla!!! This girl loves her Grandpa!!! It was so nice Craig had a nice fire and hot choclate for everyone!!! It turned out to be such a nice day we were loving it!! The bright blue sky!!! We were stripping layers!!
My cute brother and his wife and Emma!!!
These girls are so stinke cute!!! Makenna and Sayla love there cousin Emma they both just want to eat her up!!!
Riding behind the sled!!!
Of course Grandpa had to take Sayla for a ride!!! she loved the snowmobile!!
Makenna can never get enough of these snowmoblies!!! She diffentley has them in her blood!!!

Afton and her neaces lets just say that she was such a good sport. I lost count on how many time she went down the hill sliegh riding with all the kids!!! They all love this Aunt Affy!!!
Hunter and Makenna!!!

This is on the way to the car after being there for over 4 hours outside in the cold!!! Sayla was still trying to eat more snow!!! She kills me!!!

Grandma Paula's Christmas Party

Grandma Paula's Christmas Party this year was alot of fun, it was held at our house!!! Every one came over and brought all different kinds of appetizers to eat, which in the end we had so much food that was really good!!! We first had alot of fun hanging out eating lots of food!!!
Every one hanging out in the kitchen getting ready to get some food!!!

The kids were so cute eating there dinner all together!!!
Makenna and Kate are the cutest Little cousins, They are the same age and they have so much fun hanging together!!!
The boys chillen!!!
All sitting around getting ready to watch the manger scene!!!
Lyndsey and I with our girls of course they want look at the camera!!!
Present time and it was out of control the kids were just going to town ripping all the presents open!!! Look at the mess!!!
Makenna showing what Grandma Paula gave her for Christmas!!! This Year she knitted really cute scarfs for each kid with a pair of gloves and then made them Cute Christmas pillow case's with there name on them!!! She also gave them a nice book with a toy the kids were way excited and loved every minute of it!!!
Cute Ben was helping Sayla open her presents!!!
Grandma Paula every years always does a Manger scene with all the grand kids, she brings all of the stuff gets them all dressed up in their cloths this year Makenna and Sayla were both angles, they were so stinken cute wearing there little outfits!!! Makenna learned her little part we tried to teach it to Sayla but she could care less at first she thought it was way cool being with the older kids but really fast through out the scene she had her cloths off even her little dress up outfit that she was wearing at the beginning.
Angle Makenna Lynn
Angle Sayla Bailey
This is in the middle of the Manger scene when Sayla decided she had enough and started taking everything off!!! We were all laughing at all of the kids!!!
Makenne and Kate holding up the stars at the ended!!! They were so good, they make such cute angles!!!
We had a great Christmas together this year!!! I took like 50 pics of the kids in the Manger scene so here are more of them!!! If you look close they well make you laugh the kids were so funny!!!

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Look at all the snow!!!

Well this year has been so much fun with all of the snow we have received right before Christmas we got so much snow the girls were so excited and so was I because I love a white Christmas. Here are the girls sitting in the snow while I shoveled our drive way!!! The girls had a hard time playing in it because it was way to deep!!!
Poor Oakley was having a hard time getting around in the snow!!!
I pretty picture of the side of our house!!!
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Santa Claus came to town!!!

Santa Claus came to town!!! These kids were so lucky because Santa Claus surprised them and showed up !!! The kids were in heaven!!!

These are the kids faces when they walked in!!!
Sayla on Santa's lap she didn't know what to think but did a great job!!!
Makenna was so excited she told him what she wanted for Christmas!!!
Santa stayed for alittle while told the kids a couple story's!!!
The cute kids telling Santa goodbye!!!
Cute family photo!!
All the cute kids with Santa!!! They all did such a good job!!!

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Sayla turned 2!!!

Sayla turned two years old!!! She had a wonderful birthday!! She was so much fun this year she was loven opening presents, it was so hilarious she would just go crazy. She would get a present and then just tear into the wrapping paper, look at it and then toss it to the side and go for another one!!! She was so funny she had us laughing so hard!!!
Sayla got the Baby Alive Birthday baby!!! She loved it!!

Here she goes tearing into the presents!!!
Sayla got a stroller with a swing and a little crib!!! She was so happy!!
Sayla pushing her stroller she was loving it!!!
That morning we cooked a big breakfast, we made Sayla a pancake and stuck 2 candles in it. We sung her happy birthday and she blew out her candles!!! Sayla loved it she thought it was so cool!!
Blowing out the candles!!!
That night we had a big birthday party at our house with all the family over!!! My mom made the cutest cake for Sayla!! She made a her a little mermaid cake!!! It turned out so so good and Sayla loved it!!!
Sayla and her cake!!! She was trying to eat the fishes!!!
Daddy and Sayla!!!Mommy and Sayla!!
Grandma and Grandpa Larsen with the girls!!!
Sayla loves her grandpa so much she is such a lucky little girl to be able to have a Great Grandpa that loves her!!!
Birthday girl!!!
Party hats and having alots of fun!!!
Cute Family picture!!!
Sayla was defiantly spoiled this year by everyone!!!
Here she goes again, she was tearing into all the presents, she had then entire place laughing at her, she was so funny watching her open presents!! That is my little girl!!!
I thought this was funny!!! Look at her face one minute happy and the next she is sad!!!
Cute thing!!!
Blowing out all the candles!!! Sayla loved receiving all of the attention of the party!!!
Eating her cake!!! Sayla had a wonderful birthday this year thanks to everyone for coming and making it special!!!