Friday, October 15, 2010


So now we are in mid season and Makenna is doing great she is getting the hang of it and is loving it. We are having so much fun watching her play soccer.
Makenna giving us I love you sign durning half time!! I love this picture because her soccer games were so funny to watch the other kids look in the back ground at all the kids!!
Makenna getting a peace of it she was getting in there alot more and becoming more aggresive it was great!!
Makenna loved to play goalie, she would beg the coach to play!! The best was she could stop most kids from scoring a goalie!!!
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Back to School!!

Makenna is getting ready to go to her first day of preschool and she is so excited, she has been talking about it for days and could not wait to go. I can not believe this is her second year of preschool she is growing up so fast. I think she looks so stinken cute!!

John started this last year were he stays home and goes to work late and helps Makenna get off to her first day of school. It is fun because we have a big breakfast together. Makenna loves her Daddy!!

Sayla is so funny she loves her big sister and is just lost with out her. Sayla could not wait to get her picture taken too!!

Makenna and Zane on there first day of school, Makenna loves to play with Zane he is her best little friend and we car pool together.

Makenna heading in too school, she is so stinken cute!!!

Makenna and Miss Amy, Miss Amy is her preschool and she is so great, Makenna loves her and enjoys going to school!!!
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Splash Park!!

This is the new splash park in Spanish Fork it just got built and girls and I have not been there yet so one afternoon we decided to head over and try it out. Makenna and Sayla were way excited. Of course they each had to take a barbie doll to take to play with them there. We had a great time. First the water was cold and it took a minute for them to get use to it but once they were wet it was all over from there!!!
Sayla makes me melt!! She was having alot of fun playing and running around of course following her big sister every where!!
Makenna was loving it!!! She was having so much fun!!
The girls had a great time playing at the splash park that day!!
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Sayla eating breakfast!!!

I had to finally had to take pics of Sayla eating her breakfast in the morning because it is so funny!!! Remember this girl loves to eat so every morning I tell her lets go have breakfast and she runs over to her high chair and I put her in. I give her, her cereal and she goes to town on it and this is the end result!!
She loves to cheese!!!
My cute little girl who is so full of personality!!
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Labor Day!!!

On Labor day John and I decided to take the kids to the local swimming pool!!! The girls were so excited!!! Earlier that day when we went out side to do some yard work, our neighbor mention they were heading to the pool so Makenna started begging to go to the pool. Later that afternoon we went together as a family it was alot of fun to have John there with us and for him to see how good our little girls can swim. When we arrived the girls went crazy!!!

Sayla was loving playing in the splash area!!! Isn't she so cute!!!
Makenna loved playing in the lazy river, John and her were having so much fun together!!!
Look at me!!!
Sayla was going crazy on this slide, she kept going down it over and over. She was so much fun to watch!!!
I love this!!!
Isn't she so stinken cute!!! I love this girl!!!I Just have to say how much I love having two girls together!!! They play so well, Makenna is the best little girl she loves playing with Sayla and helping her do everything!!! Because Sayla has to do everything that Makenna does. Makenna and Sayla kept going down the slide together!! I love the expressions on there face!!
My cute little girls!!! I love seeing the play together!!
Makenna and Sayla going down the slide!!!
The splash!!
These girls were having so much fun!!
Of course John had to go down too!!
Shooting out the bottom of the slide!!! We had so much being together as a family, the girls loved it. We had a blast!!
Later that day we had a hot dog roast at Grandpa and Grandma's Larsen!!! Of coarse the kids love to ride the four Wheelers, it was so nice to play around. The kids had a great time playing together and hanging out with there cousins!!
Sayla loves this little car that Grandma Karen got at a garage sale, when she goes there that is the first thing she gets out to play with!!
Aunt Katie took all the big kids on a ride. Makenna loves playing with her cousins. Specially Sam they are the best of friends!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Makenna's first parade!!

This was Makenna's first parade!!! She road in the Onions day parade. She loved it. She road on a 18 wheeler and shook her pom poms!!! She looked so big and cute up there when she saws she shook her pom poms like crazy stood up and was smiling so big!! I love her!!

Yes that is my little girl shaking her pom pom!!!
Makenna had lots of supports to come and watch her!!!

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Here are just a few more pics of Makenna cheering!!!

Makenna performing at a half time at a varsity foot ball game!!
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This year I signed Makenna up for Jr. Cheer leading it was just for one week. She would get to perform at the varsity football game and then be in the Onion days parade!! Makenna was way excited. My mom did her hair, I put sparkles on her face and some makeup!!! She looked pretty dang cute.
Our little cheerleader!!!
Don't forget Sayla she has to be in there some where!! Are they not so stink en cute!!!
Makenna learned four cheers, one dance so at half time they marched around the track and started doing there cheers!! It was alot of fun watching her cheer!!! Makenna new them and it was funny to watch her burst out the cheers. Then after they got done with their cheers they went and performed the half time dance. Makenna looked really good out there she shook her booty well!!
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