Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lake Powell

This year Lake Powell was the best, we had the best time ever. The Kids were great and so much fun it is amazing as they get older it becomes to be so much fun. This year we headed down on Wednesday morning bright and early, we wanted to get there and get a great spot was this year was great, it definitely was "A" spot. We arrived there around 11:00 in the morning the kids did great on the way there they both slept till Hanks ville. Makenna was so excited from then on kept saying, "when are going to get there?" so she was so excited when she finally saw the water and realized we were there. Makenna loves Lake Powell. We arrived there got the kids in there swim men suites and we got ready and then waited for the rest of the group. We had to wait alittle while for the wind to stop once it stopped we head out to look for a great beach well it didn't take to long till we found the perfect beach and started sitting camp up. Then it all started the great time at Lake Powell!!! The Makenna could not wait to start going down the slide, swimming, tubing. The weather was amazing the whole time, it was in the upper 80's and the low 90's not to hot!!!

Me and my girls all wearing a head raps with our piggy tails!!!

This what we do most of the time just sitting around the beach and hanging out!!

Sayla was hilarious the whole time, she was a happy camper, she loved to just play on the boat to go for rides enjoy floating in the water or just digging in the dirt.

This is Makenna catching her first fish this year in Lake Powell, John was so excited to go fishing with her even though it was a pink fishing pole.

Makenna was so excited she caught a fish!!!

She had to touch it while I was taking the picture!!! She makes me laugh!!

My dad and Sayla hanging out on the boat!! My dad kills me he can never get enough of her!!

This is part of the crew hanging out on the beach loving every moment of it!!!

This is by far Makenna's favorite this to do in Lake Powell, she loves to go down the slide!! Here she goes!!

There she lands!!

She is so happy here!!!

Makenna had a lot of fun playing with Dalton, They were two little buddies!!!

Here they are going down the slide together!!

Ever year we have to least do this one time were we try to get a few us be hide the boat skiing or waking boarding so here we are Summer, Afton and Cole. We have alot of fun being together!!!

This is our little home for a couple days!!!

All of us getting ready to go for a ride, We had so much fun the Bennett's got this new tube for Lake Powell and it was so much fun the kids went crazy over it!!

Sayla loved every moment of it, she could not get enough of it, here she is putting her hands in the air.

Cole Bear playing with the kids, Makenna and Sayla had a blast playing in the water on the shore the water temp was like 85 degrees it was so nice!!!

This is what we do most of the day lay out and sun bath play with the kids and swim!!!

On Thursday we had the most amazing storm that came through so during the storm all of the kids watched a movie. They are the cutest bunch of kids!!

Here comes the storm, It was amazing we could see it coming, it was by far one of the most amazing storms I have ever been in, There was lighting every where around us. The thunder was so loud, one time it was so loud that we all just scream it scared us but then bishop Bennett said a prayer and it all calmed down it was pretty cool!!!

The calm after the storm, the water was glass, the pretty rainbow!!

My cute little family tubing!!

Makenna playing and having fun!!

Grandpa and sayla, Grandpa teasing and playing with her!!

He's going to get her!!!

He finally got her!! I looking at her face!!!

We had a great time waking boarding and water skiing, her is a picture of John catching some air!!!

Go John!!!

Here I am catching some air!!

Makenna favorite thing is to wake board she just loves it so we have fun together!!! Here we are just getting ready to get up!!!

Here we are riding the wave!!! She is such my little girl!!!

Going for a tube ride, These girls could not get enough of tubing it was a blast ridden with them!!!

She is so stinken cute!!

John building his sand castle with the girls, John and chad were completing for the largest sand castle the entire weekend it was a close call but I think Johns won!!! He was pretty dang proud of it.

Here is with the finishing results, he even put a little pool in front of the sand castle that Sayla loved playing in!!!

Makenna of course posing in on top of the castle!!!

Ever year we always like to find a fun rocks to go and play on, this year we found a huge rock that we climbed to the very top, Makenna and Dalton loved it!!!

My mom and I with sayla swimming!!!

I love the picture of John because this is Lake Powell!!!

While we are there is Lake Powell we always play fun games this year we played a cookie eating game where you place a cookie on the top of you four head and then you have to get it to your mouth with out touching it, lets just say that Chance won but it was way funny watching them doing it!!

It is the girls turn now, Afton won this round!!!

Aunt Afton playing in the sand with girls!!!

My little sand queen!!! We are so blessed to be able to go and have such a great time together!!! Can't wait for next year. We came home and about one week later Makenna said mom I want to go to Lake Powell this weekend. I love my girls!!!