Friday, November 5, 2010

Carving Pumpkins!!!

The Monday before Halloween we carved our pumpkins!!! This year we went Shannon's house to carve our pumpkins. Makenna was so excited she could harley wait!!!
Larsen family with there pumpkins!!! Makenna pumpkins was the cat and Sayla was the ghost!!

We had a huge pumpkin carving party!!! It as a mess but lots of fun!!
Makenna was right in there!!! She picked out the cat and John and her were doing such a good job!!!
John and Makenna cleaning out the seeds!!!
There is not a day that goes by that I am not so grateful for these girls!!! I love them to death!!
The girls with there pumpkins!!! Getting Sayla to smile is such a chore!!
Trying again to get a good pic, all well still cute!!!
Sayla was loving this witch hat, she kept putting it on!!!
All of the pumpkins!!! They turned out amazing!!
This girl killed me she was so proud of her pumpkin!!!

All the girls!!! I have to just say how grateful I am to have such good friends!!! I love these girls to death!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Deer Hunt!!!

The deer hunt this year was so much fun, We went up on a Friday and the weather was suppose to be snowy!!! Well we woke up Saturday morning to a trace of snow the kids were so excited to go and play in it!!! It was funny to watch Sayla because she saw snow last year but I don't think she remembers it, she would pick it up and look at it. It was pretty funny!!
These cute girls are such good little friends!!!

Look Makenna I love this picture!!
The cousins!!!
This is what we woke up to Monday Morning at 0500 am, lots of snow!!!
We had a brake while we were saddling the horses!!! Hunter and I getting ready to go for a ride!!
Sayla and I on the horse, the girls were loven the snow!!! Lets just say blizzard!!!
Uncle Brigg and Makenna, Makenna and Sayla did not care it was blizzard they wanted on the horses!! My little cowgirls!!
When we got back to the cabin around noon, the weather cleared up and it was time to sleigh ride!! The girls were excited!!
John, Makenna and Sayla getting ready to go down the hill!!!
Here they go!!!
I love this girl!!! She loves her thumb!!!

Makenna was having the time of her life, she was having so much fun sleigh riding, she told me while she was eating some snow, "mom this is the best weekend ever". She was having so much fun!!
Look at her go!!!
Look at the powder!!!
She was loving life!!
We had a great time sleigh riding. When we got done Makenna said,"let go make some HOT CHOCOLATE". That is my girl!!!

The first Halloween party!!!

We had our first start of Halloween party's, This year it started at John's sisters house Lyndsay!!! We went and ate pizza the kids ran around instead of carving pumpkins we sponged them. The kids went crazy and enjoyed having fun together!!
Makenna with her pumpkin getting ready to sponge it!!
All the cute kids!!!
Sayla was defiantly loving this. She was going to town on the orange paint and her pumpkin it was everywhere, Thank heaven it was washable. By the end I had to strip her and take her to the bathtub!!!
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Halloween Pajamas!!!

These girls are so funny!!! I broke out there Halloween pajamas and they loved them!!! One of Makenna's and Sayla's favorite thing to do is dance to music, they love it!!! So here we are watching these girls be funny!!! John and I just laugh at them!!!

Silly girl!!!
She loves sun glasses!!!
My cute girls in there Halloween Pajamas!!
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Makenna First Hunt!!

This was Makenna's first official hunt!!! She was so excited to be able to go with the big kids and have fun!!! It was exciting getting her dressed up in her orange. It is so nice now Makenna can ride her own horse, she dose such a great job!!!

Makenna riding sunny!!!
Daddy and Makenna together!!
Mommy and Makenna!!!

Elk hunt was fun this year the weather was so nice, we had a great time being together!!!
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Big Red Barn!!!

Earlier this month John and I decided to go to the big red barn for family night, I am so glad that we went because it was so much fun. This was the beginning of the first Fall thing we have done. Poor Makenna has been begging to go a get a pumpkin ever since she saw them at walmart so when I told her we were going she was so excited she could harly stand it.
Here we are getting ready to start our wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch. The girls were way excited.

Dad and his girls!!! They are so stinken cute!!!
My pretty little girls!!!
Sayla was loven it, she was going crazy standing up then sitting down and pointing to everything!!
When we got to the pumkin patch there were lot of fun stuff to do, so I took this cute picture of them. There my cute pumkins, I love it that Sayla is old enough to now to do such fun things!!
This was the first pumpkin that Makenna picked out, lets just say we went through many more after that!!! She just could not make her mind up!!! It was funny watching her go from one to another!! What a little girl!!
Trying to pick out a pumpkin!!!
Sayla is so funny, she copies Makenna on everything, she was going from pumpkin to pumpkin telling dad to pick it up!!!
This was the one!!! She was so excited!!This was the one Sayla picked out!!! Isn't she so stinken cute!!
She makes me melt!!!
All the pumpkins!!
They had this maze sit up for the kids. The girls both loved it, they were running through it having fun!!!
Makenna running through the maze she was loving it!!!
My beautiful little girl, I love her poses!Girls and I at the end of the maze!!
My cute little ghost!! I love this picture because Sayla is always watching her big sister in everything she dose!!!
The hay ride on the ride home!!! The girls had alot of fun!!!
The pretty sunset of the wagon ride home!!! We had a great time!!!