Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baby Sayla Bailey Larsen

Makenna Birthday

This is Makenna after everyone left she was so excited she was playing with her vanity and putting on lots of makeup and having to much fun. We thought it was pretty dang cute.

Makenna favorite part of her birthday party was opening gifts!!!
Makenna getting ready to blow out the candles.
I just love this girl so much.
Makenna loves her cousins!!!
Makenna had a great birthday this year she turned 3 years old. She was so excited when Grandma Ras showed up with her Barbie cake, she just would not leave it alone. i am just so grateful for my little Girls.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dad and Mom with Sayla

I love her so much!!!!!

Just me and my little girls.
John and I are loving our new edition to the family. She is the best, she is a great little baby and we are so excited for the future to bring us.

Makenna and Sayla

Makenne loves to dress up and play around the house all day long, I just had to put this picture up of Makenna.

Makenna loves her Baby sister so much, she tells me every day how much she loves her and how cute she is, I love having my girls they are the best.

Sayla getting her finger nails painted

She is the most cutest thing in the world.

Painting her fingernails.

Afton and I just had to much fun playing with Sayla and painting her finger nails and her toe nails. I love having Girls!!!

Joy of Chrsitmas

Makenna and Sayla in there matching pajamas, I thought they looked so dang cute.

Here is Baby Sayla in her Christmas Pajamas.
Great Grandpa Mac with his Great grand kids on Christmas morning.
Grandpa and Grandma with there Grand kids Christmas morning.
Makenna loved Christmas this year, her favorite toy was her new bike and her Tinkerbell wings and her princess shoes, it was so funny because that is all that she would wear around the house for days just riding her bike. John and I just laughed.
Makenna loved her pink fishing pole.
Makenna first thing Christmas morning.
This is Santa's cookies and carrots for the reindeer that we sat out for them to eat. The funny thing is Christmas morning we woke up and ran out to see what Santa has brought and she was way excited and she was playing with her toys and then she stopped and looked and saw that cookies were all gone and the carrots and she said, "how rude he didn't leave any cookies." John and I just laughed, Makenna says the funniest things. Christmas was great this year we had a great time being with family and special having our little Sayla made it even better.

Daddy Daughter time

John and makenna building her first Snowman.

Makenna thought it was so much fun!!!
Dad and Makenna playing in the snow.
John and Makenna are having a lot of fun spending time together, John has been great helping mom out and giving her some alone time with the new baby girl.