Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Night before Halloween

Every year I liked to get the girls Halloween Pajamas, So here they are the night before playing around and I took some pics of them having a good time!!!

They are such funny little girls!!!

always making us laugh!!!
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Carving Pumpkins

I have to say this is by far one of my favorite things to do around Halloween carve pumpkins and this year was so much fun, Cute Makenna picked out the picture she wanted and then taped it on and started poking the little wholes in to the pumpkin she did such a great job. We had such a great time, I love hanging out with my cute little Family!!!

The end product looked pretty dang good, I helped the girls while Dad carved his own!!! Of course we have to pull some funny faces!!!

The girls had a great time, specially cleaning out the inside of the pumpkins, Cute Sayla did know what to think about it!!!Posted by Picasa

Halloween Funn!!!

Every year my mom holds a big Halloween party and every one comes dressed up but this year, My dad had Emergency back surgery 3 days before Halloween so she was not able to hold the party so I decided to have the family over so we could still see every ones Halloween costumes and let the cousins have a good time!! So here are all the Grand kids all dressed up in there costumes!!!

We had a great time playing games and hanging out as a family, Grandpa still came and hung out with every one!!!

Posted by PicasaThe end of the night we decorated sugar cookies and of course Grandpa ate them all!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The girls Halloween pics

Every year I usually go and get the girls pics taken in there Halloween pics but this year I didn't have time so I just went out back and took there pics my self and think they turned out pretty dang cute of the girls!!! Makenna looked so stinken cute this year and also she loved to wear her mask!!!

Sayla was a fair princess this year I let her choose what she wanted to wear and she wanted to be a princess so it was alot of fun letting her choose what one she wanted!!! she looked so stinken cute in her outfit!!!

My beautiful girls!!!

She is so stinken cute!!

Striking her pose!!!

I love her beautiful green eyes so very much!!!!

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Mom and Dad dressing up!!!

This year John and I had a hard time figuring up what to be for Halloween it is really hard to pick something out when you are 9 months pregnant so the day of the Halloween party, I came up with the idea to paint my belly as a pumpkin and John ended up being Justin Timberlake off of Saturday night live show (it was alittle inappropriate so I am not going to mention it) but it was hilarious!!! So here is John and dressed up!!! I thought her looked pretty dang good!!!

John and I together!!!

Then here is me and my pumpkin!!!
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Crazy outfit!!

It was drug week at school so every day makenna got to wear something to support against drugs and violence, so this day I had to take a picture of her in her crazy socks and hat, she looked pretty dang cute!!

Of course I had to take a picture of Miss Sayla, she was getting ready to go to dance!!!
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Halloween Party

Every year Aunt Lyndsey puts on a Halloween Party and goes all out with, games, food and lots of fun activity's for the kids, of course the girls look forward every year to going to Aunt Lyndsey Halloween Party, Makenna this year is a mascaraed princess, and Sayla is a fairy princess, they were so excited to wear there costumes!!!

This was alot of fun to watch the kids eat there donuts with out their hand, Makenna and Sayla did a really good job, it was fun to watch sayla be all big and try to do it with out her hands, She is growing up so dang fast!!!

Then Grandma Karen brought a pinnada for the kids to do and the girls had alot of fun trying to brake it open!!!Posted by Picasa

Pregnany pics!!!

I haven't taken any pregnant shots of my self through out this entire pregnancy so about two weeks before I had the baby we took a couple pics of me and the girls. So here I am nice and big ready to pop any day!!!

I never wrote much about my pregnancy but a few things I want to remember is how sweet makenna was every day she came in to my bedroom and would ask me how I was feeling, she always rubbed by belly, she loved to fell Anistyn kick!! She was very in tune with what was going on!!!

Now little miss say say was the same way but she would come in and ask about the baby, she was very excited for it to be alittle girls, she always kissed my belly and would asked when it was going to come out, she could harley wait for it!!!

Cute little Makenna took this picture of John and I so kind of a funny angle but the only one we have together!!!
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The Big Red Barn!!!!

Every year we go to The Big Red Barn ride the wagon and pick out a pumpkins then after wards we go get ice cream and eat some yummy food, well this year was alot of fun the girls loved it, most of all they love all the fun stuff that is around the pumpkin patch!!

They love playing in the maze, one time we lost Sayla in there and John and Makenna had to go find her!!! I am so grateful for these fun little girls they make me so happy and I love watching them have fun!!!

The each picked out a little pumpkin and brought them home!!! Now we have lots of pumpkins!!!
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Pumpkin Patch!!!!

Grandma Karen and Grandpa Craig put together and wagon ride to a pumpkin patch it turned out to be alot of fun the kids had the time of there lives, they loved riding in the wagon and most of all picking out the big pumpkins they ended up getting a few of them!!! Here is a picture of Sayla with one of her pumpkins!!!

Makenna was pretty funny she had to pick out the right one!!! She finally picked her perfect pumpkin!!!

Here are all the few more picks of them having fun!!!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the fun night!!!
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