Friday, February 24, 2012

Makenna Lynn Larsen

Makenna Lynn Larsen is now 6 yrs old, it is crazy how fast your kids grow up, Makenna is defiantly growing up way to fast, she is changing from being a little girl to a lady. It is so fun to carry on a conversation with her and listen to the way she talks. The first thing I like to write about Makenna is how sweet she is, Makenna is always so caring about her family most of all her little sisters, Makenna is by far the best big sister, she is so good with Anistyn she just props her on her hip and the way they go, she can change her diaper and feed her and love her, Anistyn loves to be held by Makenna.
Makenna loves School, this year she has started kinder garden and has done so well, since the beginning of the school year, I have had two parent teacher conference and every time the teacher just appraises how good of a girls she is, Makenna has learned how to read this year and is doing really well it. She was the student of the month in November, John and I were so proud of her. She spends alot of the day asking us how to spell this word and what does that say. She always has a pencil and paper in her had. She also loves to color, make crafts, paint.
This year Makenna tried out for a dance competition team and won and spot on it, so she goes to dance twice and week, and loves it, she is always spinning and trying out new moves, anytime music comes on I like to just take a slight glance and watch what she is doing. It has been so fun to watch her develop and start to really learn how to dance.
Makenna still loves the color green, she says her favorite Holiday is St. Part kicks Day because of course it is green!!!
Makenna still loves animals that has no changed she loves to ride her horse, She is now riding all by her self does really does well.
Makenna has started to want to do her own hair, which it really hard for her mother, she now can braid hair, she spends alot of the time in front of the mirror blow drying her hair and stinken bows in it.
The other day Makenna came home from school and told me that a boy asked her to be his girl friend, I was alittle shocked and said "do you no what that means" and she said, "no" So I told her that we are friends with boys and girls and that he want to be friends with you.
Makenna is still a fish, she loves to swim and could do it all day long. She can't wait to hit Lake Powell and Bear lake.
Makenna is still a shy little girl, when Makenna is around people she know you would never know that this girl is shy but when she is in public places she totally get all quite and doesn't talk.
Makenna loves to spend time with her cousin on both side of the family, she also looks forward every week to having her sleep overs with her Grandma Tammy, this has become a tradition that Grandma started about 3 yrs ago and Makenna just enjoys is so much.
When love having Makenna in our family, she brings us so much joy, I can't wait to see what the next year brings to us.

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Birthday Girl!!!

Makenna big day, Makenna turned 6 years old on Jan 1, She is such a wonderful girl, she is becoming to be such a little lady. Makenna birthday ends up being on New Years Day which ends up being alot of fun because mom and dad are both home and get to spend the whole day together, and it is a party!!!
Makenna spent the night before at Grandma's so John and I went down and got her and brought her home, when she walked in to the Kitchen it was all decorated, Makenna was so excited, to start opening presents.

Birthday Girl!!

Makenna in her Funky Glasses!!!

Don't forget Sayla's cute glasses

Makenna opening up her presents!!!

Makenna is the best sister ever, here she is showing Makenna what she got for her birthday!!!

Makenna loved what she got for her Birthday, she was so cute and so appreciated of ever thing.

Of course Grandma Tammy made Makenna her cake this year and it turned out to be so stinken cute. Makenna loves to color and paint and draw, and her favorite color is green. So Grandma Tammy made her, her cake that fits her perfect!!!

Makenna loved her cake!!!

That night we had all the family over and had a fun dinner and celebrated Makenna's big day together, here is Makenna opening up her presents!!!

of course she got spoiled by every one and Makenna was in heaven!!!

Such a pretty girl!!!
Makenna blowing out her candles, Makenna had a wonderful birthday!!!
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Three Cute girls!!!

On Dec 29 I took all three kids to there Check up at the doctor office. It was Makenna's 6 yr check up and Sayla's 3 yr check up, and Anistyn 2 months, of course they all went well the girls are growing so much. So before heading to the doctors office I had to take a picture of how cute they all looked. "Don't they all look so stinken cute"
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