Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Snow Fun!!!

On Nov 1, we had our first really snow storm and the kids were so excited to go and play in it so, John went and got out the snow clothes and we got them dressed and they went out and started playing in it, right away they started building a snowman!!! It was pretty dang funny to watch them build them!!! They did a pretty dang good job!!!

Sayla playing in the snow!!!

Makenna playing in the snow!!

Girls had a great time playing in the snow!!!Posted by Picasa

Trick or Treating!!

The girls were so excited to go Trick Or Treating, it turned out to be a wonderful night the weather was perfect and the kids were so excited!! They of course had a great time and got lots of candy!!! Of course Sayla had to take 2 buckets and she got double the candy because of it, it was pretty funny!!!

Silly face!!!

They never got tired of Trick or Treating but we sure were!!! We had such a great Halloween!!
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Makenna's first Halloween at school!!!

Halloween day was alot of fun!! The girls waked up and were so excited, we got them both ready and dressed up in there costumes, We headed out to see grandma"s and then took Makenna to school!!! They invited all parents and Grandparents to come to the school to see your kids, So John and I and Grandma Darling all came to watch Makenna in her Parade, It was alot of fun to watch her walk by!!! It was so cute Sayla got all excited and took off after her and gave her a huge hug and about knocked Makenna over!!! It was pretty dang cute!!!

Here she is walking in the parade!!!

I followed her back to her room to get a few more pics!!! She looked so stinken cute!!!

Posted by PicasaHere she is sitting next to her best friend Zane!!! She had the best day ever at school!!