Saturday, April 11, 2009

Family night with the Rasmussen's Dying Easter Eggs

This month was alot of fun we dyed Easter eggs, Grandma made a big dinner and it was great.

Easter fun with Grandma Paula

Paula had a Easter hunt and party get together with all the grandkids, Shani came down for springbreak, which was alot of fun, makenna loves Kate!! We had a great time, Makenna loved looking for eggs and playing with her cousins. Also it was Sayla first Easter party she had alot of fun.

Sayla and sleeping at night

This is Sayla sleeping at night. All night long she sucks her thumb continously, I can here her making little noise. she is so sweet!!!!

Jasper our new little horse!!!

My Dad bought this little miniature horse for the grandkids, We already love him so much. He is so stinken cute and so sweet with the kids. It is crazy how much he likes little people, he well just follow Makenna around the yard and nipple on her jacket. Makenna loves him. "Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for getting this for the kids."