Friday, August 19, 2011

Bear Lake!!!

Of course this year Bear Lake was the best!!! The weather was great and most of all my girls were so good they are at the perfect age right now they had so much fun playing with all of there cousins!!! This year the water table was really high so we did not have much of a beach but the kids still had a fun time playing in the sand and building there castles!!! Here is cute Makenna playing in the sand!!

Say say in heaven playing with her mermaid, loving life!!!

Yes this is my child she is so full of life and always striking a pose!!! love her!!

Makenna and Mom heading out on the wave runner for a good ride, the best is that Makenna could drive it all by her self, the best is she was pretty dang good at it!!

Sun beauty!!!

Grandma Karen and Sayla !!!

Makenna and Sayla playing in the water!!! It was cold but they where having fun!!! I love my two little girls!!!

Cute Sayla loven the water !!!

Sayla swimming!!! She think she can swim, She loves to wear her goggles, and put her head under water and kick her legs and go!!!

John and Makenna, I love this picture of the two of them!!!

Of course Sayla thinks she is 2 going on 10, she could not get enough of the diving board she loved jumping off the diving board the best is she was entertaining the whole pool by jumping of the diving board I had every one coming up to me asking me how old she was, she makes us laugh!!!

No Fear!!! Here she goes!!!

Of course she loved going down the slide!!! I love that face!!!

Grandpa Craig bought this huge pizza for every one and the kids went crazy over it!!!

Sayla loven her pizza!!!

Grandpa and Sayla hanging out!!

The kids had such a great time being together with there cousins!!! Here is Ella and Sayla together!!!

Part of Bear Lake is riding there scooters every where, the kids have so much fun playing together!!!

Uncle Mat and Aunt Katie giving Sayla a squeeze, Some times it is so hard not to because she is stinken cute!!!

These girls are so funny they had so much fun playing together!!!! I love this picture because you look at Sayla and she is tyring so hard to copy them!!! She spends alot of her time coping everyone!!!

Playground time!!! Of course lots of time was spent on the swings!!!Abby and Makenna playing on the play ground!!!

Of course one of most important things we do at Bear Lake is craft time!!! The girls love to do the crafts. This year it was fun because Sayla was able to do one too, Makenna and Sayla painting there crafts!!!

This was new this year at Bear Lake, but the kids went crazy over it!!! Makenna had a fun time climbing to the top of the tree and ringing the bell!!!

Ben and makenna climbing the trees together!!!

All the kids on the boat!!! The kids a good time this year playing on the boat!!!

Little sun beauty's What cute little girls!!!

Makenna this year decided to try to knee board and she did really well at it!!! P.S. the water was alittle cold the things you do for your kids!!!

There she goes she took right off and loved every moment of it!!!

She did really well at it!!! She said she loved it!!!

She of course gave the two thumbs up when she was all done!!! I love this girls so much!!!

I of course had so many pictures of everything so I but together some collages the kids playing on the beach in the sand!!!

The girls had alot of fun on the beach and playing in the water!!! They have become such good friends!!!

Pool time, we spent alot of time on the pool together, the kids had a blast!!! Thanks to Grandma Karen and Grandpa Craig for taking us!!! We had a great time and so grateful for the memories!!!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lake Powell

This year we went to Lake Powell the third weekend in June, we were alittle worried the weather this spring had not been the best, but it all turned out pretty good we went down for 5 days and we really only had one really bad day of weather. We had a great time the kids had the time of there life playing in the water, tubing, swimming and playing with there friends.

The first day we were there Makenna wanted to try to ski by her self so luckily the Bennets had little ski's for the kids she gave it a couple good shots did pretty good as you see she got up for just a second and then feel over!!!

Here she is up for just a moment!!! I was really proud of her she is such a little dare devil!!!

Sayla is such a funny little girls she found this bow up horsey and feel in love with it she carried it with her every where, so when we asked if she wanted to go tubing she of course wanted to take it with her, so here she is with her horsey on the tube getting ready for a ride!!!

Here they all are loaded up getting ready for a ride horsey and all!!!

Hold on looks alittle bumpy, the best thing is that my girls love to tube we can do it all day long and they never get tired of it!!!

One of the best thing about Lake Powell is every time you get on the boat it buts the kids to sleep, so Sayla would just fall to sleep, she ended up taking a few naps a day while we were there it was so nice!!! She is so dang cute when she sleeps!!!

Here are the little fishermen, John and Makenna had so much fun catching fish off the back of the house boat they ended up catching 4 different kinds and Makenna was having a blast and John was in heaven that his little girl was loven fishen!!! This was one of there first catch!!! Makenna was so happy!!Makenna with her stripper and John with his wide mouth bass!!!

Makenna was really proud of the stripper, we ended up eating it for dinner and it was way good!!!

All of us loaded up to hit the water tubing, we had more fun on this tube than anything else, the kids had a blast!!!

The kids always have so much fun swimming in the water, here is Makenna with the Bennet Kids having fun time swimming!!

Grandpa keeping Sayla warmed, all wrapped up in her towel after she just went swimming!!!

The kids ready to go tubing!! They had so much fun tubing, but look how glassy the water is behind them that is why I love Lake Powell!!!

The last day we were there the weather of course was the best day it was hot, so we headed up Mokea Canyon and hung out had lunch, lounged around swam and just chilled, it turned out to be so much fun!!! Here is Cole and John chillen on the tube!!!

Here is cute Sayla, while we were there Sayla fell in love with the song rolling in the deep, she about drove us crazy she made us play it over and over and she would just burst out and sing it over and over, it made all of us laugh so hard!!!

Grandpa and Makenna, Makenna getting ready to jump off the front of the boat!!

Here she goes Makenna had so much fun jumping and swimming she has become the biggest fish ever!!! Cute sayla of course watching her big sister!!

It was so Beautiful up the canyon!!

I love Lake Powell!!!

John fell a sleep!!! It as so nice that day!!!

Me and my girls having fun together, We had so much fun we spent the afternoon underneath this over hanging where there was shade and there were this rocks that we could play on and jump off and swim so we had alot of fun playing together!!

Well if you can't tell we had alot of fun sliding off the back of the house boat!!! Makenna had so much fun!!!

Hanging out on the lake, John had a good time hitting the glass water!!! The girls love to boat!!!

We had a great time hanging out and being together!!! That is what it is all about!!!

Of course we spent a ton of time playing in the sand and building castle the kids love this specially Sayla she could do this for hours!!! The crazy thing about this year was the water level by the end of the trip this beach that we are sitting on was gone under neath the water, through the five days we were there we lost 60 feet of beach we moved all of our tents 3 times it was so crazy!!! So it made it alittle different than usual but of course it is Lake Powell and we love to go.

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