Sunday, February 26, 2012

All Smiles!!!

Last Sunday we broke out the baby bouncer and put Anistyn in it, she went crazy and love it she was so cute her feet barley could touch the floor!!!!
Anistyn so cute!!!

She is always smiling, I have to say she melts my heart, she is so stinken cute!!!
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Valentine's Day!!

We had such a fun Valentines day this year!!! We all woke up to day cooking us breakfast!!! Which was really hummy!!!
John cooking breakfast!!!
Every year John and I like to give the girls something for Valentines day!!! We always fell there boxes full of candy and small stuff, give them shirt and stuff animal. The girls love to wake up and see what they have in there box. Makenna was way excited of course to see what she had in her box!!!

Girls got these fun little head bands and Sayla looked pretty cute with her's!!!

Makenna with her's!!!

Look how cute the pancakes are that dad cooked for us!!!
Thar morning I had to get a picture of all the girls in their Valentine outfits!!! So adorable!!!

Later that day Makenna and Kia went to dance and then afterwards, Kia came over to play and decorate cookies with Sayla!!!
Sayla ate more of the icing than she did decorating them!!!

Makenna came home from school and decorated her cookies!!!

Makenna came home from school, with this fun headband that she gave to mom and this heart, so we took a picture of all of us with our head bands on!!

Later that night I cooked a fun dinner and we all ate together, it was a great Valentines day spent with the family!!!
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Making Valentine Boxes!!!

Every year we make Valentine Boxes with the girls, this year I found this cute heart boxes at Hoppy Loppy and decided to paint them instead of doing the old fashion shoe box. The girls had a great time painting and decorating them.

Sayla of course making a mess but she did really well!!!
Of course Makenna is very particular about her's and what color. She such a little artiest!!

After we got done doing Valentine boxes the girls were off doing some thing else, so I snapped of picture of them playing!!! Sayla keeps us always laughing!!!

Right her shows all of her personality!!!

Makenna is such a lady!!!
Annie of course just chillen the whole time in the Bumbo, she is becoming to be such a better little baby!!!
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St. George

At the end of January we headed down to St. George, it was the first time we have left the house since we had Anistyn, it turned out to be a nice get away with the kids, of course they love to go and see G.G. Ras and swim and just get away. We did not do much except hang out and swim and spend time with G. G. Ras!!!
Grandma Great loves to hold babies, she just rocked Anistyn to sleep, she still has the touch!!!

I love this picture of them two together!!!

Sayla swimming.

Makenna ready for the ball!!!

She hit it!!!

Makenna getting warm in the hot tub!!!

Sayla is such a funny little girl.!!!
John and his little girls!!!

Before we left we got a picture with all of us with the G.G.Ras!!!
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Birthday Girl!!!

This year I turned 31 years old, I can't believe I am that old, I had a wonderful Birthday this year, with lots of party's. Of course my mom had a party for me, which she made cherry pie which is my favorite and then the rest of the night we played, Let Dance on Cole's X-box. It was alot of fun and loved everything I got from every one!!
blowing out the candles!!!
The girls dancing the feet off!!!
John is so sweet, him and the girls make my birthday so special with all the sweet gifts and special cake that got me!!! My girls and I.
Thanks everyone for the amazing birthday!!!

Anistyn in the Bumbo!!!

So I finally broke out the Bumbo and sat Anistyn in it, to see if she liked it or not she last for a few minutes and then she was done. I have to say I love bumbo pics!!!
I think she is all done!!!

My three Sleepy girls!!!

I love to go and take a look at my cute girls as there are sleeping, but this day I could not resist taking a couple picks of them.
So sweet!!!
Makenna is so funny she started sleeping with this on her face!!!