Sunday, February 26, 2012

St. George

At the end of January we headed down to St. George, it was the first time we have left the house since we had Anistyn, it turned out to be a nice get away with the kids, of course they love to go and see G.G. Ras and swim and just get away. We did not do much except hang out and swim and spend time with G. G. Ras!!!
Grandma Great loves to hold babies, she just rocked Anistyn to sleep, she still has the touch!!!

I love this picture of them two together!!!

Sayla swimming.

Makenna ready for the ball!!!

She hit it!!!

Makenna getting warm in the hot tub!!!

Sayla is such a funny little girl.!!!
John and his little girls!!!

Before we left we got a picture with all of us with the G.G.Ras!!!
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