Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bear Lake

Look how stinken cute she is!!!

My little Angle was so good.
Abby loves baby's!!!
Abby, Makenna, and me getting ready to get pulled behind the boat!!
All the kids lined up on the boat!!!
Makenna loves her cousin Sam!! They had way to much fun swimming together in the pool!!
Makenna is amazing diver she dose such a good job!!
Makenna and I both had Yellow swim suites!!!
Hanging out at the pool!!
Family photo!!!
Sayla loved the water, she would just sit there and float!!!
Makenna had so much fun. We went to the pool at 9:00 in the morning and at 5:00 the night she still did not want to leave. she loves to swim!!!
My sweet little baby!!!
Mat and Ben built a turtle in the sand!!!
All the kids playing in the sand!!!
John and Sayla hanging out!!
All the kids playing miniature golf!!!
John golfing with Makenna
This is our happy little Sayla
John playing in the sand with Makenna and nieces and nephews
Hanging out on the beach with the girls
Sayla Chillin
We had a great time hanging out in Bear Lake, with all the family. Makenna ENJOYED every minute of it. Thank you Karen and Craig

Sayla getting tubes in her Ear

She has no Idea what is going to happened!!! Isn't she so stinken cute!!!

Our little Chunky monkey has had way to many ear infections!! So it is time to get tubes in her ear's. I had to take a picture of her because she looks so adorable sitting there, she was such a good little girl. The best is all the nurse and doctors were going crazy over her red hair and her chubby body. Every thing went well and she is doing great!!!