Monday, March 7, 2011

Fast Trip!!!

The last weekend in February we took a fast trip down to St. George to go to the dentist it ended up being quiet fun!!! The kids had a great time, of course the weather was wonderful nice and warm!!!
My girls are little fishes and can not get enough of the water!!!
One of the best things about going to St. George is going to see G.G. Ras, I love this women more than any thing!!! One thing that is so great about her is that she loves my girls, she just can not get enough of them the whole time we are down there she is giving them a kiss and a squeeze, and giggling at everything they do!!!

It was way fast trip but alot of fun!!! Thanks Karen for going with me!!!
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Valentines Day!!!

Valentines Day was alot of fun, I think it is so much funnier when you have kids all holidays are funnier with kids, well the night before the kids went asleep I did some decorating in the kitchen so when the kids got up they would see it all. The kids were so excited when they woak up!!! Makenna came running in to the bedroom and wanted to know if she could open her Valentine box!!!

They are so stinken cute!!!
Makenna could harley wait to get into her box!!!
Sayla loved her doggy!!!
Makenna had fun going through her box picking every thing out!!!
Sayla doing the same thing Makenna was doing!!!
After the girls were done going through there stuff, John made pink heart shape pancakes!!! Makenna and Sayla loved them!!!
What a good daddy!!! The girls loved having there dad home for the morning!! What a great Valentines Day!!!

Cabin Get away!!!

In February we all headed up to the cabin for alittle get away!!! I was so lovely up there, there was so much snow more than usual!!! The kids had such a great time, playing with their cousins, eating great food, sleigh riding, ice fishing, and most of all snowmobiling!! The kids love to ride the snowmobiles!!! They just can not get enough of it!!!

Here's alittle picture of how beautiful and peaceful it was!!!

Brigg and Jen just got this adorable little puppy!!! Of course the kids were loven it!!! Makenna and Hannah take turns holding it!!!
My girls all dressed up ready to go riding!!!
Grandpa and grandma and Sayla getting ready to go for a ride!!!
Makenna ready to go!!!
This was one of the kids favorite thing they would all load up in the sled and get pulled behind the snowmobile!!! They all looked so stinken cute!!!
One of the days the boys loaded the kids up and took them to the lake to go Ice fishing!!! Hunter was in heaven!!!
On Saturday the weather was great, bright blue sky so we all decided to load up, including all the babies, go for a ride and to find a great sleigh riding hill. Of course Affy got stuck in the sled with all the kids!!! She is such a good sport!!!! The kids were so excited to have Aunt affy ride in the sled with them!!!
All the girls with there babies waiting to go!!!

Once we found the great sleigh riding hill, We all ended up hanging out for a couple of hours and playing!!! Grandpa got in the sled and held baby Emma while Chance and Sarah went sleigh riding!!! What a cute Grandpa!!!
Makenna and I
John chillen on the snowmobile with Sayla!!!
Later that afternoon John and I went snowshoeing, John gave me snow shoes for Christmas Which ended up being alot of fun!!!
It was really neat because it is so peaceful!!! I love it!!!

John and I!!!

We had a great time, It was a great break away from life, We enjoyed being together as a family!!! Can't wait tell next time!!!

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Valentine Box's

At the beginning of the month we made Valentine box's for family night, the girls had a great time making them!!! This had become one of our traditions because we make these boxes and through out the month John and I but little Valentines inside of them with little presents, Makenna and Sayla ended up waking up every morning and going and shaking there box's to see if there is something new in them!!! The girls love it!!!
It is so much fun now because she is getting old enough to do everything!!! She had a great time and her box ended up turning out really cute!!!

Makenna decorating her Box!!! She was defiantly more precise on where each sticker went!!!The girls going to town on there box's!!!
The finish product!!
Sayla box!!!

Makenna Box!!!

Valentine Cookies!!!

At the beginning of the month of February we had a play date at Shannon's house where we made Valentine cookies, the kids had a great time!!! I was amazed how well they could decorate the coolies!!
My cute girls!!! Makenna and Sayla did a really good job!!!
This was one of Makenna Cookies!!
The girls had a great time!!! By the time we made it home they had eaten all of the cookies!!!
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