Thursday, December 16, 2010

Family Pics!!

We finally got some family pics!!! We took them at my Grandma's house in front of the old barn some of the pics turned out pretty dang cute!!!
Our little Family!!!
My cute girls!!!
She is so Beautiful!!! She is always putting her hands on her hips and posing!!!
My little sassy Sayla!!!
Makenna is the best sister!!! They are the best of friends!!
I really loves this picture but it didn't turn out as good with the lighting!!!
Sayla always sucking her thumb!!!
She is always telling me to "Hold me mom" she is so stinken cute!!
Here is the whole family picture of us!!! So stinken cute!!!

Shhh!!! Don't let dad know!!!

Last week I head into my bedroom and I find Makenna in My bed with the cat, well let me tell you that this not a indoor cat this is an outdoor cat "Poof Ball," We love this cat to death but if dad knew that the cat was in his bed he would flip out!! I thought it was so cute I just let her finish watching her movie with the cat in my bed. Makenna and I decided we probably shouldn't tell dad!!!
Poof Ball and Makenna
This is the best cat and the girls just love her!!!
Pretty dang cute!!!
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Christmas Chain

This year has been great Makenna and Sayla have been so much fun from setting up Christmas to making fun projects, Well the first Monday of the month for family home evening we made the Christmas chain so we can start the count down. We did this last year and Makenna was so excited. Of course she did a great job decorating it!!!
Makenna posing with her Christmas chain!!

Another pose, Love this girl!!!
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Craft time!!!

The beginning of the month of December has been really nice with some down time and being home!!! So what does that mean Craft Time this is all these girls want to do, paint, color. Then I have to rap it and put it under the tree for some one, it is great!!! Makenna's tells every one when she grows up she wants to be an Artist this has changed because about 2 months ago she was going to be a farmer!!! This girls kills me so I fell bad they are naked in the pics but as you look down you can see why I take there clothes off!!!
This girl is growing up way to fast we just can not take it!!! She is so big painting and coloring!!

This is the finish project!!! She is a mess, On this day she got 3 baths!!! She makes us laugh!!!
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