Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seven Peaks

We all went to Seven Peaks together, it was so much fun!! Hunter and Makenna were like to Peas in a pod, they just swam there little guts out, had so much fun going down the slides. The best is they whore their goggles every where down the slides. When Makenna took hers off she had the biggest red circles it was so funny. Sayla of course loves the water, It was Sayla first time going down the big slided she loved every minute of it.
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Sayla Sleeping

Sayla is the sweetest thing ever, I had to take this picture, I love to just sit there and watch her sleep, I lover her so much.

24th July

We had a busy day with lots of fun with family and friends it started out with boating down at Utah lake which was alot of fun. It was a beautiful day, water was glass got lots of skiing and waking boarding in!!! It was Makenna first time waking boarding with Mommy she had alot of fun doing it. She did such a great job she just hung on to the robe and we both just popped out of the water, the bad thing was that my Camera died so we were not able to get pics of it but next time, the best is she liked it!!!
Later that day we headed over to Grandma Ras to have a Bar-B-Que of course it was great food, then we all loaded up and headed to the Rodeo, Makenna and Sayla were dressed so cute for the Rodeo, they are our little cowgirls, They enjoyed watching the Horses and eating lots of junk food. We had a great 24th of July!!!
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Here are some Random pics from The Rasmussen Reunion, we had such a great time. We went down to Fair view to a Resort where we stay in cabins and have alot of fun with everyone, everybody comes from every where! We play games have talent shows swim and the boys play alot of golf!! Of course the Kiddos did great Makenna had so much fun playing with her cousins most of all having sleep overs with them. Sayla was alittle sick with croup but of course was happy as can be and loved every one. She is the sweetest baby ever.
Here are some pics of our talent show that night. It was so hilarious, we decided to get it off of Madagascar 2, My dad was Motomot and my mom was Gloria, it was so funny my dad did such a great job he walked like him, he danced like him. It was pretty funny!!!
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