Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brain Head

This year for our nine year anniversary John picked out Brain Head to go to. I was so excited because this is the first time John and I have gone some where with out the kiddos. Lets just say we had the best time together. We arrived there Friday night, we stayed in the lodge in Brain head and it was beautiful. Then we slept till noon the next day "lovely". Got up when to lunch and then road the lift to the top of brain head and then did a 4.5 mile hike the whole way down it was alot of fun.

View from the lift!!

At the top of the lift!!

There was the beautiful lake there that we saw from the lift that we ended up hiking next to it!!

After we got done with Brain Head we headed over to Cedar Breaks, Which was amazing I fell really bad because I did not even no this was here. John and I loved it we ended up doing a 2 mile hike around the rem of it.

It was beautiful!!

Here is John looking at Cedar Breaks!!!

At the end of the hike. It was the prettiest view!!

I loved every moment of it!!!

This is the oldest tree in Cedar Breaks I can not remember how old it was but it was way old. John and I had then best time together it made me realize that I need to do this more often. I have to say thank you to my mom for watching the kiddos for me it was great!!!

9 year anniversary

I can not believed it has been nine years, I have to say I am so blessed to have John in my life, It has been a great nine years. We have had a great time being together, we are so lucky to have to much in common to enjoy being to gether and share are hoppies together. John still makes me laugh and I love it. He brings me alot of happiness in my life. I love him more than any thing and can not imagine my life with out him.

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Baby contest

Well during Salem days Lyndsey and I put our cute little girl in the baby contest. It was fun they didn't win any thing but where by far the cutest little girls there that day. They were pretty funny because when it came to go in front of the judges Sayla just sucked her thumb and hug her self next to me she was not going to do any thing for them. Then it was picture time, she was not going to get her thumb out of her mouth for any thing, but we finally got one that worked for her so I was way excited. Then I went out to get a picture of her and she was not going to smile so her are whole bunch of pics of me trying to get her to smile. Either would Makenna or Rylee but they are still way to cute!!!
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Monday, August 30, 2010

New Arrivial into the Rasmussen Family!!!

G.G. Ras and Hawken!!!
Uncle Brigg and all of the kids!!! Makenna was so excited she could not wait to hold him. She loves babies!!!
Four generation picture!!!

Hawken brigg Rasmussen was born Aug 9, 2010, 8lbs 11 oz 21inch long, He is a chubby cute little baby he has tons of blondish brown hair. Jen is doing well. We are so excited that he is finally here!!!
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Back yard camp out!!

Makenna was in heaven she was so happy. Here she is playing in the tent before going to bed!!
Makenna and her dad, aren't they so stinken cute!!!
Sayla was feeling left out so we let her play with them before it got to late.

John and Makenna getting ready to go to bed. It was fun Makenna has been wanting to have a camp out in the back yard, John was so excited that she want this so he put the tent up and then had a sleep over out side.
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Emma's baby blessing

Cute family photo of our family!!!
This was a special day for Chance and Sarah, emma was blessed. Chance did a great job. Emma is so stinken cute!!
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She is so funny!!

Sayla one day all she wanted was to play in the sink, she would make me turn the water on and she would get some soap and start washing her self.
She is stinken cute!!!
Sayla start bring Makenna's dress up cloths and wanting to put them on, it was so funny she would bring one after another and I would spend the day putting them on her. She is growing up way to fast!!

my little tinker bell!!
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Sayla 18 months

Sayla is 18 months old and she is growing so fast, she is differently changing by the minute. I feel like she is growing up way faster that Makenna ever did. Sayla is a very funny little girl always smiling, laughing wanting to play some game. She is always happy when she dose gets mad give her 2 Min's and she is over it and then she is happy. Sayla loves her big sister, she is Makenna's little shadow always doing what ever Makenna is doing. I think this is why she is growing up so fast. Here are some of the things Sayla is doing!!!
Sayla loves the water, she is not afraid of any thing, she loves tubing be hide the boat, especially loves riding on the boat!!
Sayla spends the whole day yelling at Oak (our dog) to come to her!! She loves animals!!!
Sayla is talking like crazy, she is speaking about 50 words right now but every day she says a new word!!!
Sayla loves her Grandpa Ras, she calls for him every day!!!
Sayla loves her thumb, she sucks it all day long if she is sad or happy is dose not matter!!
Sayla loves to ride the horse this weekend we went up to scolfield and she cried and cried when we took her off the horse. It was pretty sad.
Sayla is the best little sleeper she goes to sleep any where, she takes a good nap every day and sleeps great at night.
Sayla plays well by her self she goes into the play room and just plays, she loves to have her toes nails painted she brings me the toe nail polish and sits down and says please, hands the polish to me. She love her baby's she spends most of the day dressing and undressing them, feeding them.
Sayla just started learning how to climb she pushes the stools to where she needs it to be and them climbs up there.
Sayla gives then best kiss and the tightest squeezes.
Sayla loves to be outside, every morning I open the back door and she spends the rest of the day going in and out.
Sayla loves to go to nursery she never cries or any thing.
Sayla loves to talk on the phone it dose not matter if it kinda looks like a phone it is put up to her ear and she is talking away.
When you asked her to say cheese she tilts her head and says cheese and pulls the biggest cheese face ever, she loves to pose for the camera.
She shrugs her shoulders, and it is so stinken cute!!
She loves sing and dance, when the music is turned on she goes crazy and shakes her little body throws her hands up in the air and runs around.
Since she has been little we have sang "OH Say Say OH Playmate come out and play with me," Well now she sings it all my her self and dose the hand actions to. It is pretty dang cute.
Sayla is so much fun to have in our home, every day I go into get her out of her crib and I just squeeze her so tight she makes me happy, we are so blessed to have her.
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