Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things I don't want to forget about Makenna

Where do I start, Makenna says the funny things every day. She makes John and I laugh all the time and I have been stressing lately because I don't want to forget the things she says so I decided when I am at work and there is some down time I am going to start posting things so I don't forget. So here are 10 things that come of my mind that she is doing or saying!!!

1. The other day Makenna picked a some grass and weeds, dandy lions and put them into a bouquet and went and gave them to John and said, "we get married, we married now."
2. April 23 was the first time that I have let Makenna play at a friends house. It all started with me going outside to clean out my car. Makenna came out to tell me something and saw kiddos up the street playing in the sprinklers, she did not say any thing to me, she just went into the house and a few minutes later she came out buck naked with a swim suite in her one hand and her towel in the other, asking me if she could go play. Of course I could not tell her no so we walked up there to see if she could play. One of the little girls up the street is Makenna same age and they hit it off well they went in and started playing. I said it was time to go and she did not want to go. The neighbor said just leave her here and I well send her home. Lets just say I had anxiety over it I went home John asked where is Makenna I said she is playing at a friends. John said did we talk about this I said no, but she is only three I told him I know but you can go pick her up in 30 minutes. John went up there and knocked on the door, Makenna came out and said "go home, I'm playing with my friend". John came home with no little girl so I went up there 30 minutes later to pick her up and she came out in a snow white dress, hands on her hip and said "go home, I playing" it was the funniest thing she has more attitude than anyone I know.
3. Makenna dose Alex the lion from Madagascar, she dose it fast and slow and dose it so well. We make her do it all the time it makes us just laugh.
4. Makenna is the most girly little girl I know she well tell you never leave the house with out a purse, loves pink, but she also love bugs and worms and dirt it is so funny the other night she had the biggest night crawler she carried it all around in a cup she was holding it and watching it move.
5. My little trash digger, she looks through the trash all the time and pulls things out. I have to through something away and then take it outside or she well find it and bring it to me and ask why I through this away and can not understand why I through it away.
6. Makenna is attached to every thing if something breaks she get sad and well blow it kiss. One day she broke a plate and she came and got me and to let me know and she had tears in her eyes and was blowing it kiss. I had to explain to her it was OK.
7. Ever since Easter Makenna loved finding Easter eggs so the other day like a week after Easter I was doing house work when she came to me and said, "come and find Easter eggs mom" I said what, come into my room. So I went in there and sure enough she had hidden eggs and I would find them and then I would hide them and we have now been playing this game for a few day.
8. Makenna Love's her baby sister, she can not give enough kiss or hugs a day to Sayla. Makenna told me the other day That she loves her BABY sister. Every where we go in the car Makenna holds her little hand it is so sweet. Makenna told me the other day she wants another baby I just laughed.
9. Makenna loves animals, she kisses them lays on them hugs them. Loves the new little horse Jasper and he loves her.
10. Makenna is a picker, loves to pick zits, skin any thing that is hanging the other day I had a zit on my arm I did not even know about and she came over asked if it hurt and I said now and then started digging at it. I just laugh she is little like her mom.
11. Makenna loves dancing, she watched dance movies and tries to co pie them on TV it is so funny to watch her. One day she came up to me and handed me her hand and said kiss it mom and now she makes us kiss her hand like the princes.

Things I don't want to forget about Sayla!!!

Sayla Bailey Larsen is probably the best baby ever, you makes me so happy I just look at you and just want to squeeze you. The other day I had you in my arms and I did not know John was watching me and I was just hugging you and kissing you. I looked up and he said you just can't get enough of her and I said NO!! You are always smiling constantly every time I make eye contact with you, you smile. The new things you are doing right now is reaching for toys anything with color it is so amazing to watch you make contact with it and then reach for it. You are always sucking your thumb probably 10 hour out of the 12hours a day, you have this little chubby thumb in your mouth all the time. It makes John and I laugh, we think it is so stink en cute. You love your baby saucer, You can hangout in it all day long and be content. Sayla you never CRY. The other day your Aunt Katie was at our house and you were trying really hard to cry but you couldn't she thought it was the funniest thing ever. You weigh 14lbs and 15 oz @ your 4 month visit you are 24.5 inches long. On April 19Th it was the first night you slept form 9pm to 8pm that next morning and you have been doing it ever since then. You bring us so much Joy.