Saturday, February 4, 2012

Christmas Eve Day!!!

Every year on Christmas Eve Day we go sleigh riding up to Grandpa Craig's house but this year there wasn't enough snow so instead we headed up to the ranch!!! It turned out to be alot of fun, the girls had the time of there life's!!!

Grandpa taken Sayla and Rylee and Lyndsay for a ride!!!
Getting ready to go up the hill!!!

Johns and Makenna's first run!!

Sayla hanging out!!!

Makenna loves to play in the snow.
My cute girls!!

Playing in the snow!!

All loaded up ready to go!!!
If you can't tell you can catch some major speed coming down this hill, it can be kinda scary. So here are John and Makenna and Sayla flying down the hill!!!

They are having so much fun!!!

What a cute dad!!!

Anistyn's first time sleigh riding. She had a hard time opening her eyes with the bright sun, it turned out to be such a wonderful, nice, pretty day!!!

Grandma Tammy and Grandpa Mac hanging out around the fire with the baby!!!
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All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!!!

December 22, Makenna woke up sick with the flu and was not feeling to good but she came to me that morning and told me for the first time that her tooth was loose, I was in shock and thought this is so crazy my little girl is growing up so fast. So I felt her tooth and it was loose. Later that morning my mom called an I let her know that Makenna has a loose tooth, well with in 30 min Grandma Tammy was over to get ready to pull out her tooth. She loves pulling teeth!!!
The best was how brave Makenna was she did not even scared or any thing!!

Here we go!!

In the mean time while Grandma pulls out one she realize the other one was loose too, so what does grandma do, she pulls out the other one too.. Of course Makenna just stood there and let her pull both of them out!!!

So now Makenna can sing all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, the poor thing spent the rest of the day and night pretty dang sick.
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Paula's Christmas Party!!!

Every year Johns mom hold her Christmas party on Dec 23, but this year she was heading out to go see Johns brother in Denver and spend Christmas with them so we had it on Dec 21. Of course the kids were way excited to go and play with there cousins and have a fun time!!!

My three sweet little girls!!!

Family Photo right before the party begins!!!

Anistyn looks so stinken cute in her outfit!!!

Dad and Anistyn!!

Mom and Anistyn

So every year Johns mom Paula does a Nativity scene which by it self is so entertaining, so this year she went to a ton of work up grading the costumes. This year John was Joseph. Katie was the donkey, Rachel was Mary!!!

Anistyn was baby Jesus!!!

So Sweet!!!

Miss Sayla was an angle!!

She was so full of it that night having so much fun!!

Makenna was an angle too!! Then after we were all done with the Nativity scene we had a special visitor that showed up!!

Santa Clause!!!

It was sad poor Sayla was still sad from Santa giving her spankens.

Anistyn and santa!!

Makenna was in heaven and was loven Santa!!

Right before Santa left we talked with Sayla and she was feeling alittle bit better!!!

All the cousins with santa!!!

Off course this year Santa was some one special so the kids needed to get a picture with Santa!!!

Makenna opening up her present!!! So pretty!!!

This year Grandma Paula gave all the kids pillow pets and if you can't tell they went crazy over them.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Sayla Bailey Larsen

Well every year I like to write about a few fun things that they did this year. So were do I start with little Miss Sayla, first this is how stinken funny she is, this girls keeps all of us laughing specially John and I, she says and does the funniest things ever.

She loves to dance, this year she started dance and feel in love with it she ask me every day if today is the day she gets to go!!!

The girl loves to sing, she spent most of the summer singing Rolling in the deep by Adel, she knew ever word and would make us search the stations to find it.

The girl loves to wear her swimming suite, for months this year she always had a swimmen suite under neath her cloths and half the time was wear the goggles to go with it.

Of course she loves to swim and loves to be in the water.

Sayla has three nick names and if you asked her what her name is depending on her mood she would let you know if it was Ruby, or Sassy Frass , or Sayla Bailey. Then if it was Sassy Frass would tell her to through it out the window!!

Aunt Affy made up a cute rythm this summer that Sayla spent alot of the time singing for every one, it started out like Ruby, Ruby, she is such a cutie yes she is, yes she is, she has red hair and freckles every where, yes she does, yes she does, if you asked her to sing it she would, she won the baby contest in Salem singing it.

Sayla loves her Dad, she has become such a daddies little girl.

Her favorite color is pink!!!

From day one this girl has spent most of her life always having a smile on her face, Well nothing has changed she still is full of life with a huge smile on her face!!

We well me in walmart and she was just say hi to anyone, pretty friendly little girl!!!

Sayla loves to watch the Disney Channel most of all love the Mickey Mouse Cartoons and Little Einstein.

The girl loves to color, paint, play with play dough, which she well do for hours she just loves it!!!

She loves animal, she is so much like her big sister and mom, she loves to play with oakley and loves the horses, specially Jasper!!!

Makeup, loves, loves Makeup I had to get mad at her so much to tell her to stay out of my makeup, she loves to put it on!!! Loves lipsticks, just can't get enough of lipsticks.

The girl loves read books, special this animal book she can tell you every animal in it.

She knows all of her colors, can count to 10.

She is by far the best big and little sister, she can keep up with her big sister and is so sweet with her little sister, She tells me all the time how much she loves her baby sister Anistyn. It wasn't tell Sayla started calling her Annie that we all started calling her Annie.

She does not really suck her thumb any more, very rarely does she do it, some times when she goes to sleep at night she well suck on it.

She gives the best Holly-ganolly kisses, it is so cute to here her say it after she kisses your face off.

The girls loves to cook, she loves to help me cook dinner. she is such a little baker!!!

Sayla is has been talking since she was really little and caring on conversations, but now when she talks it is like she is 15 yrs old she is killing us, the girls can come up the craziest things. She is so Witty, it complete catches us off guard sometimes,

We love this little girl and could not imagine our life's with out her, she by far the most sweetest little thing ever and are so grateful for her and all she brings into our family!!!

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Santa showed up for Sayla's birthday party!!!

For the past couple weeks Sayla has been telling me that she wanted Santa to come to her Birthday party, So my sweet mom hired Santa to come to her birthday party and as you can see she loved it!!!
This picture is priceless, the look on her face was so stinken cute!!!
Santa with all of the presents on his bag!!!
Makenna on Santa's lap!!!
Sweet little Anistyn with Santa!!!
Sayla was pretty dang excited to have Santa come to her birthday party and bring her a present!!!
Once Santa found out it was her birthday, he pretend to give her birthday spakens, just joking around but she was devastated the look on her face was so sad, she cried and did not think it was very funny, so she told me that next year Santa is not invited to her birthday party!!!
We all had a great time hanging out together as a family!!!

Just chillen!!!

All the kids on Santa's lap!!!

The kids had a great time, and little miss Sayla had a great birthday!!!
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