Friday, February 25, 2011


When my girls were born I am really good and writing about what they are doing and how much then are growing and changing but then after they turn one years old I do a 18 month and then I like to do yearly check up on the kids. Well what is new than life is really busy and I haven't posted for over two months and I need to right about Sayla last year what she has done from 18 months tell now.

To start off saying Sayla is very unique!! She is so much fun, This girl has bright red hair, she is always smiling every where we go she always has every one's attention. Since the day she was born people come up and like to tell me how cute she is, well nothing has changed much people are still coming up. I think it is because she is always smiling. Most of the time Sayla is happy, she goes with the flow of life!! But when she gets mad it is pretty dang funny because she just complete loose it for about a minute and then she is back to normal.

Sayla loves her bed, she loves to take naps she comes and lets me know it is time to lay down, lately when she takes her nap she makes me put her back into her pajamas, so she is nice and confey, my kind of girl, then when she is not sleeping she is always running around naked. She of course loves to dress her self, the best time of the day is when I start to get ready to work out she has to have her workout cloths including shoes and then she goes and get 2 matching zuzu pets to work out with because they are her weights. She is so funny specially when she is working out she is pretty dang good. She does great jumping jacks!!!

Sayla loves her Grandparents, specially her Grandpa Ras it is so funny because no matter where we are at in the store, shopping if she see a older guy with a cowboy hat she starts telling there is Grandpa. She has always just loved him so much.

Sayla started talking earlier than Makenna so it has been so nice because she can pretty much say anything, but my favorite saying is when she says "I want to watch despicable me ", and "Tinker bell". We ended up watched these movies alot.

Sayla loves her big sister, She spends most of her day following Makenna around doing what every she is doing Sayla is right behind her. It is so crazy because I just don't remember Makenna growing up so fast. It just seems like Sayla is changing by the minute!!! Sayla loves to play house, She is such a cute little mom when she spends the day caring her Babbie's around feeding and changing there diapers!!! She loves to play with her little kitchen and cook. She well come and get me make me sit down at the table and fix me dinner and make me eat it.

Sayla loves to color, paint and she is pretty good at it. She can do this for hours and not get board!!

Sayla loves Puff ball and Oakley, and specially the horses, she can not get enough of all of them!! she say "I want to ride".

One thing she loves is lipstick, she can not get enough of them, fingernail polish always wanting me to paint her fingernail and toenails, and then she well say, "so pretty". She is all girl.

This winter was alot of fun, Sayla loved to go sleigh riding play in the snow!! She loved to Eat the snow every where we go I had to watch her like a hawk because she would eat the snow but never check to see what color it was.

This girl loves her thumb, She stilll sucks it alot but she is so cute when she does, the best is if you ask her if you can have a taste she well share her thumb with you, just a small taste!!!

All I can say is that she is so much fun to have, I love her so much and we are so blessed to be able to have her in our life's!!!