Thursday, June 17, 2010


After we got done Hiking the delicate Arch we headed over to the double Arch it was a short 0.8 mile hike that was beautiful the kids were great and loved it. We hiked up in to it and played around on some rocks Makenna had the time of her life playing with Abby her cousin she loves hanging out with her!!!
On Sunday we headed back into the Arched National Park to go and do once last hike together as a family, This time we headed to Sand Arch which was way cool and lots of fun!!! The kids loved it. It was short and sweet!!! The played in the sand and had a great time!!! This is were we said good buy to every one and went our separate ways!!!
John and I and Craig and Karen decided we like to head to Dead horse Point and go and see it and then have a picnic with each other and then head on home, so I just say I never new this even existed it was breath taking a beautiful the story behind was amazing we had fun!!
This is my fun, jazzy little girl who is always posing. She climbed up on a rock and said take a picture of me. I love her!!! She keeps us smiling!!!
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This is the first time that I have been to Arches National Park!!! We took my cute little sister with us to help us with the kiddos and this was also her first time too!! We got there in the morning on Saturday and was way excited, the weather was great (warm) we could not even believe it. The kids played around, while mom and dad checked out the visitors center and then we loaded back up in the cars to headed to the delicate arch. Which was going to be the first hike of the day!!!
It was fun, Johns whole family was going, we took all the kids with us there was three back backs with babies and lots of kids, other back pack full of drinks and treats!!! The kids were way excited and ready for the challenge!!
Once we made it there it was breath taking, I could not even imagine how beautiful it was, the kids had fun hiking Makenna did really well she got tired off and on my but over all did great, Sayla was loving the back pack she was in heaven and John and I did really well. Once we got there we sat down and just enjoyed the beautiful view. Ate some lunch and enjoyed each other.
This is my Cutie Pie!!!
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Here is adorable picture of my cute little girl Sayla!! I just have to say I think she is the cutest thing ever and she loved playing on the sand!!!

This year for spring break we went to moab with John's family!!! We had the time of our life's there, the kids had a great time playing, hiking swimming and most of all hanging out with there cousins. We stayed in a cute little camp ground called Moab RV Valley. We had a little cabin with a bed and bunk beds it was perfect, Makenna was loving every minute of it!!! Right across from in our camp ground was a fun play ground that the kids were having so much fun playing on it!! Here are some fun pics of them all having fun!

The first night when we arrived in Moab he headed to this huge sand hill!! The kids had a the time of there life's climbing up the hill and then sliding down the hill!!! This hill was huge Yes we all climbed up the hill with all the kids, Makenna and Sayla was loving every moment of this.
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