Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Makenna playing Soccer!!!

This year Makenna played spring soccer and she did so great!!! As the season continued Makenna got better and better, she would get in there and take the ball over!!! Makenna did really well she would make drives down the field and try to score a goalie!!! As a mom I loved watching her play!!! Also it is so funny to watch all of the other kids too, it can keep you laughing!!!

Here is Makenna going for the ball!!!

Taken it Home too the goal!!

Makenna with the ball!!

She did so well!!!

Through out the soccer session Makenna had lots of supporters from Grandparents and Aunts, Makenna loved all of the attention!!! We all had so much fun watching her play!!

One of Makenna favorite place to play is the goalie in soccer, Makenna loved to play and she always stops the ball, I am sad the session is over but there is always fall soccer!!!

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Family Pics

Well we finally finished our family pics!! I think they turned out pretty dang cute!!! I have to say I am s lucky to have the family that I do!!!

Our cute Family pics!!!

Grandpa and Grandma with there grandkids!!!

What a handsome Couple my parents are!!!

All the Grandkids!!!

The family's!!!

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Easter dress!!!

Easter Sunday was so much fun we got the girls ready for church and they looked so stinken cute!!! I loven how pretty they both looked!! Of course Makenna is getting so big and she is a great poser in front of the camera, I tell her I am taken your picture and she strikes a pose I love it!!!

Sayla of course is always smiling and happy!! She look so beautiful in her Easter dress!!

My cute girls together!!! I love them so much!!!
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Easter Morning!!!

Easter Morning!!! This year the kids were spoiled by the Easter bunny!!! They must have been really good!!! Easter morning is always so fun the kids were so cute this year they came in and woak John and I up and then john I get up and get ready for them lucky it is around 9:00 in the morning so not to earlie!! Well the girls walked out and were way excited!!

Here they are looking at all of there stuff and finding who's baskets is theirs!!!

Makenna is already finding eggs that the Easter bunny had hidden!!

Sayla was so funny she did not even care about her stuff but finding the eggs!!!

The best part of all was when the girls looked out side and saw the trampoline outside they went crazy!!! They were jumping and laughing and were so happy!!!

My cute girls!!!

Sayla could not get enough of it!!! She just kept on jumping!!!

Makenna in side playing with all of her stuff!!! She is such cute little girl!!!!

Easter parties!!!

Easter is always such a fun time of year, this year Easter came so late in the spring and the girls have been waiting die Easter eggs, and have been talking about the Easter Bunny's for so long!!! Well Easter this year was so much fun!!! The kids had such great time Die Easter Eggs!!!

Makenna was a pro at dieing Easter Eggs!!!

Look how cute all the Easter Eggs turned out!!!

Every year Grandma Paula holds a Easter Egg hunt and the kids love it!!! The kids had such a great time finding the eggs. This was the first Easter egg hunt of the many but I loved it because Sayla was on it she was loven finding the eggs!!! Makenna and Sayla got so many eggs. They were in heaven!!!

Grandma Ras's was after Grandma Paula's it started out with a big Easter dinner then followed with Dieing Easter Eggs!!! Of course every one has to least die one egg!!! The kids of coursed stripped there clothes off so they wouldn't get dirty and they had so much fun!!! Makenna and Sayla were having so much dieing Easter eggs, they were going to town on them!!!

Then after dieing Easter eggs we had to make sugar cookies, Grandma Tammy always has lots of fun things for the kids to do!!! All of these kids love to bake with Grandma Tammy so they were in heaven making sugar cookies with her!!!

Then it was finally time for the Easter egg hunt, the kids had such a great time searching for Easter eggs!!! They were able to find all the eggs even know it as getting dark!!! The kids had a such a fun day!!!

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Capital Reef National Park

For spring break this year we went to Capital Reef with John's family, It turned out to be one of our favorite trips we have taken. John say's it is now his favorite National Park!!! We loved Capital Reef!!! The first night was cold and but the weather only got better and better as the days went on we stayed there for three night in a little cabin, we had camp fires morning and night and had a great time!!! The best part about it was the kids were pretty dang good, Makenna is becoming to be a good little hiker!!! We had a great time!!

All of us together at Chimney Rock!!! This was the first hike we did on Friday!!!

Family pic at the top of the hill!!

All Hanging out at the visitors center!!

These kids had so much fun playing together!!! Makenna is so lucky to have such good cousins that she loves to play with!!! These guys spent the whole time finding fun little holes and climbing to the top of a rock!!!
Our little cabin!! They ended up being really nice and the girls had so much fun sleeping in them!!!

On Saturday we took an amazing hike, Capital George!!! It was beautiful, we had a great time and that day it was way warm!!!

At the end of the hike!!! Family pic!!

This girl was so funny she is so stinken cute!!! We had a great time!!! Here are a ton of pics that I took of Capital Reef!!!

We well be defiantly be going back some day to Capital Reef National Park!!! We had a wonderful time and it was a great family trip!!

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