Friday, October 29, 2010

Day at the ZOO!!!

It is the end of September and the weather has been amazing so nice and warm so a couple of friends and I decided to go to the zoo!!! To let the kids go play and enjoy the last of the warm weather!! It was so much fun, the kids were just loving life, it was a blast because we have been so busy this summer and we never made it to the Zoo this summer. Makenna and Sayla were just loving the animals!!!

Me and my girls!!! We were just getting started!!
The crew!! We had to get at least one pics of all of them together!!! It is alot of work!!
The girls had so much fun riding the trains, the merry-go-round!!! It was so fun to watch Sayla be so big of course she would not let me be by her and hold on to her because she has to be just like Makenna, She loves her big sister!!!
We had a great time and enjoyed being together the kids were amazing and slept the whole way home!!!
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It is so nice these days!!! Makenna and Sayla have been playing so well together. They well play house forever together in the toy room and just occupied each other so well!!
She has starting to pull these cheese face these days!! I love it!!
My cute little girl!!
Good little friends!!
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

St. George

For a couple years now we have been heading down to St. George during the month of September. This year it ended up falling on Moms Afton's and Cole's birthday. Of course all we did is swim at Grandma Ras pool!!! The weather was amazing it ended up being in the 90's. We had a Great time being together. The kids had a blast swimming!!

Of course Makenna was in heaven all she did was swim, she couldn't get enough of it. We started off at the pool around 11:00 am and left that night at 7:00 and I had to pull her out of the water to get her to leave!!! Lets just call her a (Fish!!!!!)

She is so stinken cute!!
This girl has a great dive!! I was trying so hard to get a good picture of it!!
She almost has it here!!!
Makenna loves her Grandma, Grandma is defiantly her swimming Buddie!!
This was so funny Sayla was pretending to be asleep!!!
Then I started to tease her she started laughing!! She is defiantly the happiest little girl ever!!
Then I told her to go back and sleep and she was trying to do it!!! She makes me laugh!!
All of us hanging out, it was so much fun couple of our cousins came from out of town to come and play with us!! Thanks Melissa and Nicole.
Sayla chillen around the HOT tube!!
Lets just say this little girl loves her grandpa, Grandpa and Sayla playing in the pool together!!
Makenna and Lilly hanging out at the HOT tube!!!
Playing games at the pool!! We have such a great time swimming at this pool!!
These three girls had way to much fun together, they played and played it was so much fun watching together they were all such good little swimmers!
Grandma and Grandpa playing with Sayla in the pool!!!
They are all getting ready for a dive!!
These guys are such good little friends!! I They play so well together!!!
My little fish!!
Afton is such a good Aunt she is always playing with Makenna!!! Makenna loves her Affy!!
Sayla was so funny she would spend most of her time just hanging out around the pool playing!! Just occupying her self!!
This was so funny the kids started playing Chicken fights well lets just say Makenna was given all she got and she was doing pretty dang good!!
Makenna was so happy she got Hunter!!
She is going down!!!
Grandpa is coming in for the save!! but I think it is to late!!
Yes Hunter got her good!! That is my child underneath the water right now the best is she came up fighting it did not even bother her. She is a tuff little bugger.

Lets just say we had a great time it was alot of fun!!!

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