Sunday, February 26, 2012

Makenna's friend Party!!!

Makenna this year wanted to have a Friend birthday party so I tried to talk her into having one in the summer since it is alittle crazy around the holidays but she insisted on having one so we just through it a 2 weeks after her birthday which turned out to be just fine and Makenna of course loved it. Makenna was pretty cute she picked out her invitations and new just who she wanted to invite to her party. So here are all of the kids.

Makenna getting ready to open her presents!!!

Birthday girl!!

I asked Makenna what she wanted to do for a birthday party and I gave her a few Ideas of what she could do, she picked out going to the movies, so we looked up what was playing and let her pick and she picked the Muppet's, she here we all are the kids with there pop corn, and drink getting ready to watch the movie!!! Of course Sayla was right on there with all of them!!!
Thanks to my family we had enough drivers and it turned out to be a fun day for Makenna and she was way Happy!!!
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