Saturday, January 22, 2011

Makenna's Birthdays

Makenna Lynn turned 5 years old. I can not believe that I have such a cute five year OLD!!! Makenna has a special birthday, she was born on New Years Day!!! Which ends up being alot of fun because we get to celebrate the entire day together all of us because we both don't have to work. Makenna's special day started off eating breakfast at McDonald's!!! Which of course she choose!!! Then we went home were she was so excited to see all the decorations up and all the presents!!! She of course open the presents and then we headed up to the ranch to go sleigh riding then we ended up celebrating the rest of night at Grandma and Grandpas Ras house, eating cake and opening presents!! Makenna had a great birthday and thought it was way cool!!! Makenna thought it was way fun to come home to her decorations and all of her presents!!!
This is Makenna's face when she walked in and saw all of the stuff!!! She was so cute and way excited!!!
Makenna right away started going to town on the presents!!!

Of course she got lots of stuff!!
Makenna loves her horses!!!
Forever Makenna has been wanting to have her own camera, she is constantly asking to play with mine or take pictures so finally we got her own and she was so excited!!
Makenna and all of her stuff!!!
My mom is so amazing, This year Makenna loved the movie tangle!!! So my mom made her a Rapunzel birthday cake and Makenna loves it!!! It turned out so stinken cute!!!
Makenna with her Birthday cake!!
Family Photo on Makenna's birthday!!!
Makenna getting ready to open her presents!!
I love her face because this is one thing Makenna wanted so bad bendaroos!!! Of course Grandma Ras got them for her!!!
Aunt Affy always spoils these kids!!!
Makenna was Dancing with all of her glow sticks that Uncle Cole gave her, she was having so much playing!!! What a Happy little girl!!!
We were all singing Happy Birthday to her!!!
Makenna is so stinken cute!!!
Blowing out candles!!!
Blowing out more candles the next day we had another birthday party at our house with Johns family, the funny thing was I asked makenna what color she wanted her cake and she wanted it green!!!
Makenna is such a lucky girl she is so loved by so many people!!! She had a great birthday was spoiled to death by everyone!!! Thanks everyone for making her birthday special!!!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Fun time with the cousins!!!

John's brother Dustin and his family came in to visit after Christmas, the girls just love to hang out and play with there cousins!!!
One day they all came over and played at our house at the end of play time we took a quick picture of the kiddos together!!! It is so funny to look at all of there faces!!! They are all so stinken cute!!!
One of the days we met all of them at the local bowling ally and we all bowled. Makenna went bowling when she was really little but it had been a really long time, Makenna loved it she was having so much fun!!! She was pretty dang good at it!! This is Grandma Paula and her Grand kids Bowling!!!
Grandma Paula and Makenna bowling!!! Makenna loved her bright green bowling ball!!!

Here are lots of pics of all the kids bowling and playing and having tons of fun together!!!!
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Winter Vacation to the Cabin!!!

Day after Christmas John and I went up to the cabin to spend a couple days with my family playing in the snow!!! We were so excited because we have not been to the cabin in 2 years during the winter and as a kid I have the best memories going up their and having so much fun!!! Makenna and Sayla were so excited to go up to the cabin but most of all were excited to ride the snowmobiles!!!
Me and the girls riding in the sled behind the snowmobiles!!!!

Of course Makenna spent most of her time riding with Afton, which is her favorite person!!!! Makenna was having so much fun riding the snowmobile!!!
Here is a picture of all of us coming down the hill!!! It was amazing with so much snow every where!!! It was so fluffy and nice!!! We love powder!!!
Mom and Dad chilling on the sleds!!!
Sayla was so stinken cute she was trying to move around in the snow and then finally she just stopped and started eating it!!!
Makenna playing in the snow!!! It was such a nice day, the sun was shinning and it was not that cold!!! We had so much fun!!!
Here she goes again trying to go walking again!!! I love this girl!!!
Makenna was so funny, she was walking around and then got stuck and needed me to rescue her !!
Every time we would head out to go snowmobiling, poor little Sayla would just fall asleep, she was so stinken cute!!! She is so adorable.
The last day we took the girls sledding, it was so nice because the trails were groomed and we would just fly down going way to fast, both Makenna and Sayla were in heaven!!!
Makenna was so funny she would ride backwards and just go crazy!!!
Here we go again, we went over and over again down the hill!!!
There we go again!!! We had such a great time, the girls were so happy they did not want go home!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning was wonderful, This year Santa did a great job we thinked he must of dropped his entire sled off at our house!!! John and I were way excited for Christmas morning we could not wait to see the girls faces!!!
All the gifts!!!

Makenna was a really good girl this year!!! Santa brought her this Pink Saddle!!!
The girls toy!!!
Makenna's Gift from Santa!!!
Sayla's stuff from Santa!!!
Christmas Morning the girls woak up around 8:00 in the morning, John and I went and got everything ready, John made the girls sing jingle bells for a couple minutes and then let them through, this is there faces as they came out to see what Santa had brought them!!!
The first thing Makenna did is run to the pink saddle and get on it!!! She was so excited!!!
Sayla loved her trisicle!!! She was so happy!!!
Makenna in front of her stuff!!!
John is excited to find what was in his stocking!!!
Makenna going through her stocking and Sayla watching her!!! This girls ars so funny to watch!!
Sayla starts opening presents and Makenna being the big sister is helping her!!!
It took seconds for Sayla to open the presents she was going to town on them like she did on her birthday!!!
She could not get enough of her trike, she would open the present and then go back to her trike!!
Makenna opening presents!!
Sayla opening presents!!
The girls got lots of books!!!
Play food to go with her Grocery cart!!!
Makenna was funny this year for Christmas Makenna want the tangle doll, well she got it she was way excited!!!
Santa left a letter thanking ther girls for the treats!!!
Afton and Sayla Christmas morning!!!
Sayla tring out her trike!!!
There she goes she is getting the hang of it!!!
Makenna trying out her new bike and Grandpa helping her!!!
There she goes!!!!
Girls with there new bikes!!!
Affy and Emma!!!
Christmas morning my mom and dad, Afton, Chance, Sarah and John's mom Paula came over to have breakfast and to see what the kids got for Christmas!!! It was a great way to spend Christmas morning!!!
Sayla was having fun playing with the play dough ice cream cone maker!!!!
I was so lucky to get this sweet present from Makenna for Christmas!!!
We had such a wonderful Christmas!!! The kids were amazing!!!! I love this picture because this what we spent doing ther rest of the day opening the presents and putting them together, John was excited to use his new drills he got for Christmas!!!!! I just want to say how thankful I am for my family and for being so blessed!!!